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Vox Populi

Bow Valley Parkway - detour for wildlife

Editor: The Bow Valley Parkway is an exceptional place – a low-speed scenic parkway winding along the base of the Sawback Range, overlooking a mosaic of marsh, spruce forest, poplar stands and meadows.

Howling Dog Tours unfairly targeted

Editor: I am so sick of hearing about how we need to support our local businesses and then seeing everyone stand casually by and watch a local business get crucified for a tragedy that had nothing to do with them. Howling Dog Tours Ltd.

Facing facts versus personal attacks

Dear Editor: Let’s find common ground and a solution to a problem.

Thanks for the memories

Dear Editor, I’d like to join you in thanking Ignatieff’s Liberals for coming to the Bow Valley – the renewed interest of the Federal Liberals in rural Alberta is years, if not decades, over due.

Support for CBC critical

Editor: A flyer came through downtown office doors last week from Blake Richards, our MP, asking for suggestions for the next budget.

Other local options for full day kindergarten

Dear Editor: In response to the story in last week’s Rocky Mountain Outlook on the provision of full day kindergarten by Canadian Rockies School Division, I would recommend to your staff reporter that a visit to Our Lady of The Snows Catholic Academy

Wildlife deaths call for greater action

Editor: Local newspapers reported recently that a wolf killed by a CPR train belonged to the Banff/Bow Valley pack. Accurate enough, insofar as yet another beautiful animal is prematurely dead. But this wolf was not a member of “the Bows.

Nothing wrong with parking RVs

Editor: It’s amazing how government at any level takes it upon themselves to tell the citizenry what they can and cannot do with their property, possessions and money.

Listen to environmental concerns

Editor: Does Parks Canada have any intention of listening to those of us who have valid environmental concerns? Although we are invited to comment on Mt.

Keep dogs on leash and under control

Editor: There is a bylaw in Canmore, clause 2.2, that states you must have your dog under control by a leash attached to either a choke chain, collar or harness.