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Vox Populi

Speed penalties must be severe

Editor: In his May 26 letter Parks, police responsible for grizzly death Mr. Pissot makes a great point about speeding within Banff National Park, but fails to convince me with assertions and claims made.

Waiting for CRPS budget explanation

Editor: Who does the accounting for CRPS? How do you not know that you don’t have a reserve fund? The explanation given to the Outlook by Callaghan does not logically make sense.

Goodbye Edward

Editor: Edward van Vliet recently resigned from the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre. Edward has been the face of the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre for most of the last five years and has worked hard to get the museum a professional look.

Concerns with school planning

Editor: I am the father of children who attend school in Canadian Rockies Public Schools at both LGMS and Canmore Collegiate.

Plenty of value in dandelions

Editor: I was very shocked and upset when I found out about the Town’s policy of destroying noxious weeds with pesticides. Further, I noticed that listed were many edible and healing herbs like dandelions, thistle and clematis.

Care needed on the trails

Editor: With the late melt this year, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the Bow Valley are desperate to get out onto our local trails, and frankly, I can’t blame them.

Herald spring with Marley music

Editor: This week it’s 30 years since Bob Marley died from a cancer that is mostly curable today.

Legacy litter pick Saturday

Editor: On behalf of the Bow Valley cycling community, we extend a huge thanks to Parks Canada for sweeping the Legacy Trail. Last August the trail saw a peak day use of 550 riders with an average daily use of 162 riders.

Unhappy with election coverage

Editor: Is the Conservative bias so ingrained in the Canadian western media that one of you cannot see fit to attribute David Lewis’ political affiliation to his quote on the editorial page of your May 5 issue? Due to the nature of his statement, the

Need to control dogs clear

Editor: I was very sad to read the article ‘Off-leash dogs attack deer in Banff townsite’ (May 5), but unfortunately not surprised.