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Vox Populi

Less than beautiful should be dealt with

Editor: I would like to point out a correction to the RMO 01/27/2011 Vox Populi: Al K. Hall’s letter should have read Sarcastic Support for Town Dealing with Bunnies. It was clear Mr.

Thank you for 125th support

Editor: We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped make the 125th anniversary of Banff National Park such a smashing success throughout 2010.

Changes to ski area studies necessasry

Editor: Re: Feds propose change to environmental ski area studies (Jan.

Good and bad from RCMP

Editor: The letter to the editor by Marjorie R. Bridge RCMP Criticized in the Jan. 13 Outlook must have been written in haste.

RCMP actions should be praised

Editor: Re: RCMP criticized I couldn’t believe what I was reading from Ms. Bridges (Jan. 13 RMO). I can only praise the RCMP to the hilt for their actions.

RCMP criticized

Editor: I am appalled that the RCMP shot that man to death - two of them against one. Why couldn’t they aim for his legs or abdomen? It seems that machoism gets in the way of common sense and that the training of these officers is totally inadequate.

Victim Services advice

If you have gone through a difficult event, you may be experiencing some emotional and physical reactions to what has occurred.


Editor: To Messrs Kent and Van Tighem. I have just learned that The A.O. Wheeler Heritage House Foundation was formed recently and offered to pay the full cost of restoration in situ and future operations. In light of the proposal offered by The A.O.

Ski bus service not up to snuff

Editor: Just read the article regarding the bus service. We arrived from the UK with pre-booked tri-mountain passes on Dec. 22 only to find the bus service had been slashed. It’s a disgrace. We would not have bought the passes if we had known.

Not in favour of Multiplex costs

Editor: Dear Mayor and Councillors: Let me begin by saying that I am not in favour of the Multiplex project. Now let me explain. My main objection relates to financial responsibility.