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B.C. MLA asked a big question in the legislature. His partner said 'yes'

MLA marriage proposal in B.C. legislature likely a first in Canada.
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Port Moody-Coquitlam MLA Rick Glumac (right) with his new fiancée Haven Lurbiecki. He proposed to her while speaking in the BC Legislature on May 11, 2022, to end his appreciation speech for all the partners that support politicians.

It was a big question in the B.C. legislature that ended with a resounding 'Yes!'

Rick Glumac took a leap of faith Wednesday afternoon (May 11) while speaking in Victoria to acknowledge all politicians' partners who support the unique work they do, saying it certainly isn’t a normal job. 

The Port Moody-Coquitlam MLA ended the speech by asking his partner, Haven Lurbiecki, to marry him, who just so happened to be sitting in the gallery above the chamber.

Lurbiecki wasn’t on camera, but Glumac said that he thought she said 'yes.'

With a ring box in hand, he went up to the gallery "to make it official."

"I just want to say you're an amazing person with such a big heart, and such a passion for making the world a better place, and every day, you make my world a better place," Glumac told Lurbiecki during his comments on the floor.

"I remember, actually, the moment that you changed my life. Every moment since then, you've made my life more vivid and alive, and everything I do [is] more special because I get to share those experiences with you.

"I know that our life is just beginning. There are lot of adventures ahead for us and I look forward to all those adventures and I just wanted to say you filled my heart with love, and I'm not afraid to share that with everyone."

Glumac explained to the Tri-City News the legislature was the perfect venue to propose to Lurbiecki, given they both share an interest in political affairs — provincially and locally.

"She watches question period; she's watched, I think, nearly all my speeches that I do there. She's also very involved locally in the community on city committees, and has done a lot of great work. So it's so much a part of our lives."

After the NDP rep slipped the ring on Lurbiecki's finger, Glumac said colleagues from across all party lines congratulated their engagement, including one Liberal MLA that asked if they were invited to the wedding.

While no date has been set, Glumac said he looks forward to making arrangements with his new fiancée in the months to come.

He said it was very early on that he realized he wanted to marry Lurbiecki in the four years since they first met.

"I've been thinking about doing this for quite a long time. And I just had to find an opportunity, you know, when she was in Victoria, where she had some free time and [when] I had an opportunity to speak and all of that. So it's it's a long time coming."

Glumac is believed to be the first politician in B.C.'s history to propose marriage to a partner while in the legislature.

It's also the second known proposal in any Commonwealth Parliament after an Australian MP asked their partner to marry them in 2017.

- with a file from The Canadian Press



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