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Vox Populi

LETTER: Questioning move towards establishing pension plan for Alberta

Editor: Well, the Fair Deal Report, at a cost $650,000, gave Kenney what he wants. And even though a recent poll showed that the majority of Albertans do not want an Albertan Pension Plan, he is forging ahead.

LETTER: Concerns regarding TSMV future development plans

Editor: As a practicing wildlife biologist and 25-year resident, I have serious concerns about Three Sisters Mountain Village’s development plans for our valley.

LETTER: Wage increases offside with circumstances

Editor: Re: PSAC and Parks Canada Sept. 17, 2020 Once again, big union sticks it to the Marthas and Henrys who ultimately pay Parks Canada wages.

LETTER: McDougall Church a painful reminder of past racism and oppression

Editor: In half a page of the Rocky Mountain Outlook (Sept. 3 2020, p. 6) reporter Jenna Dulewich neatly summarizes the controversy concerning reconstruction of the McDougall Memorial Church near Morley.

LETTER: Alberta needs dedicated advocate for tourism

Editor: I agree with the recent editorial perspective on the lack of commitment by our provincial government for a champion and dedicated advocate in cabinet responsible for tourism.

LETTER: Targeting vulnerable Albertans for budget cuts inhumane

Editor: I found something that may alleviate the stress and dismay Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) recipients are experiencing right now.

LETTER: Quarry Lake solutions complex

Editor: Paid parking at Quarry Lake is not a simple yes or no. Realistically, it is only an issue in the two warm summer months of July and August. Canmore residents should be allowed free access at all times. Visitors should pay an acesss fee.

LETTER: Businesses should play a part to ensure COVID-19 compliance

Editor: I was waiting outside of a local takeout eatery with about six other people, to pick up my order. We were wearing masks and following distancing rules as best we can. All entering and exiting the business were wearing masks.

LETTER: No more free parking for visitors

Editor: A recent article mentioned that Canmore had received funds and was planing to upgrade Quarry Lake facilities, possibly charging for parking.

LETTER: The 'Tooth Fairy' does it

Editor: The “Tooth Fairy” is who picks up the bottles and cups tossed over the walk way at Johnston Canyon, beside our trails, roadways, in parking lots and everywhere else.