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Vox Populi

LETTER: Residential streets should not become the new Banff Avenue

Editor: Congratulations to the mayor and councillors on their recent successful election. Please manage our beloved town for all citizens, not just businesses.

LETTER: Closed door bylaw should be considered for Banff to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Editor: With signs of climate change all around us and inspired by a renewed call for action, we are wondering if the Town of Banff will finally implement a closed door bylaw for downtown businesses? We have raised this issue over the last 20 years

LETTER: Much done to improve accessibility for all people

Editor: Dec. 3 is the United Nations International Day Of People With Disabilities. I would like to acknowledge Canmore's steps toward accessibility. The Pine Tree players now have a described audio service and sign language interpreters. Some of our

LETTER: Kenney should find better things to do

Editor: Dear Mr. Kenney, Please, please appoint me to run your next inquiry, committee or report. I've got it all down. I promise I won't finish it on time. My best estimate would be a runover of a year or two. I promise I'll only need a million

LETTER: Draft K-6 curriculum a failure

Editor: “Who wrote the Alberta Government’s new curriculum?” asks a recent ad from the Alberta Teachers Association. I have been adamant that teachers did not write the K-6 draft curriculum. It is an inadequate, cobbled-together disaster. If teachers

LETTER: Pleased to see three ski resorts require proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Editor: I would like to commend the leadership behind the decision to require vaccination at Sunshine, Norquay and Nakiska. I was very surprised to learn that Lake Louise is not doing the same. Requiring vaccination at these winter attractions will keep

LETTER: Affordable housing on TSMV lands

Editor: In the 1992 Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) decision report on the Three Sisters Recreational and Tourism Project under the heading – Housing: Section 11.2.4: Three Sisters Resorts said that project zoning and density would be mixed,

LETTER: Remembrance Day editorial strikes a chord

Editor: The Outlook's Nov. 11 editorial titled "Government Failing to Help Veterans” struck a chord for me. I was employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist Aboriginal war veterans to obtain retirement pensions. I interviewed veterans and

LETTER: Disappointed with proposal for Banff Avenue pedestrian zone

Editor: I am writing to express my complete disagreement with establishing the Banff Avenue pedestrian zone for the next three years. It helped to alleviate the social distancing with COVID-19, but going forward out of the pandemic it only adds to

LETTER: Thankful to be part of filming production

Editor: Am I spent? Yes. Am I happy? Yes. Have I finally thawed? Yes. We have all experienced or witnessed events during our lives that have made our hearts sing or break.