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Vox Populi

LETTER: Disappointed with front page photo

Editor: It was very disappointing to see the photo on the cover of the Rocky Mountain Outlook recent Aug. 6 issue.

LETTER: Report to Citizens co-authored by former RCMP

Editor: Re: "Banff mayor responds to accusations of financial wrongdoing", published in the Thursday, July 30 edition of the Rocky Mountain Outlook.

LETTER: Report to Citizens of Banff falsely claims to speak on behalf of all citizens

Editor: I am writing in response to the Aug. 6 article "Banff mayor responds to accusations of financial wrongdoing," which I read with interest having received one of the Kelly-MacVicar packages yesterday morning in Banff.

LETTER: Letter writers do not speak for all Banff citizens

Editor: Jamie MacVicar and Barry Kelly – you do not speak for me. I do not know you. I have not met you. Your opinions do not represent mine. Please articulate who you really represent.

LETTER: Offended by newsletter greeting

Editor: I found the salutation on the July 2020 Books and Beyond newsletter from the Canmore Public Library to its members, telling us: “We're Back, Baby!” to be offensive and inappropriate.

LETTER: Parks Canada must do more to preserve ecological integrity at Healy Pass

Editor: I hiked to Healy Pass in Banff National Park on July 27, 2020. As a vegetation ecologist and a member of the public, I was appalled to see a significant increase in the amount of alpine vegetation damage from trampling at Healy Pass compared to when I last visited in 2018.

LETTER: Kenney's agenda is damaging to Albertans

Editor: One of the reasons that Kenney was elected may have been his campaign promise of ridding Alberta of its deficit. I'm not sure if anyone expected him to do it all in one year (oil and gas woes and pandemic excluded).

LETTER: Thank you for your kindness

Editor: I am almost 93 and after a stroke find it difficult to walk. Early this morning (July 29), I went shopping for groceries and felt lucky to get hold of one of those small shopping carts to lean on.

LETTER: Thank you to the Bow Valley Elves

Editor: Thank you to the Christmas in July elves. We are so happy that the elves thought of us a the Bow River Lodge. I personally would like to thank Lorraine a very special elf and the best Santa's helper ever. Hilda Slavin, Canmore

LETTER: Human use at the Rundle Forebay raises concerns for Canmore's drinking water quality

Editor: Did you know that about half of Canmore's drinking water comes from the Rundle Forebay? I live on Hospital Hill, just below the Rundle Forebay, and regularly walk in that area.