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Vox Populi

LETTER: Valley residents expect more from their MLA

Editor: This letter has been submitted to Banff-Kananaskis MLA Miranda Rosin.

LETTER: Disappointed with decision to close Banff Avenue again

Editor: My disappointment in the Town of Banff management and council on once again closing down Banff Avenue for yet once again so a huge buffet line of tables can come out for restaurants and many clothing stores to bring out more T-shirts.

LETTER: Appreciate balance in article about ATV tours

Editor: I was surprised to see a full two-page article in the Outlook last week featuring the tours our company ran at Fortress Mountain last summer/fall.

LETTER: Looking for person who returned wallet

Editor: A very kind person found my lost wallet on Dec. 1 in Canmore. Please contact the newspaper ( for my contact information. I would like to show my gratitude with a kind word to whoever this person is. Thank you.

LETTER: Money more important than green space for council

Editor: Tale of the great- progressive future for Canmore’s Railway Court – Policeman’s Creek's “green bubble” and pedestrian path.

LETTER: Superb snow clearing response

Editor: I’m so happy that the Town of Canmore and Bow Kor Excavating responded so much more quickly than I did in writing this letter to compliment them. In the Peaks of Grassi on Dec. 22, we woke up to 16 inches of deep, fresh snow.

LETTER: Frustrated with decision-making process for Bear Street

Editor: Once again, the citizens of Banff have been presented with a fait accompli regarding the future of Bear Street. At the Dec.

LETTER: Thank you to Canmore's recreation staff

Editor: As a regular user of the Elevation Pool and the Canmore Rec Centre walking track, I want to give a thumbs-up to the staff of both town-run facilities for making me feel comfortable and safe during these COVID times.

LETTER: Banff worked hard to lower cases

Editor: Thank you to everyone in the Banff community who contributed to squashing the curve of our year end Covid cases.

LETTER: Targeted approach to COVID would have better results

Editor: Pareto’s principle loosely states that 80 per cent of results can be attributed to 20 per cent of the efforts.