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Vox Populi

Letter: Cemetery not appropriate location for Halloween photo

Editor: I don't think that our cemetery is an appropriate playground, Halloween or not and I fault the Rocky Mountain Outlook for supporting that poor choice by showcasing it, especially on their front page.

Letter: Gerry Stephenson will be missed by many

Editor: We were all deeply saddened this weekend to learn of the passing of our good friend Gerry Stephenson. As I am sure you are all aware, Gerry has played a huge role in the success of the Canmore Museum.

Letter: Upset with cemetery photo

Editor: I was disappointed to see the choice of cover photo for last week's edition. The Canmore grave yard is a special place to many Canmore residents both past and present.

Letter: Doing nothing is no longer an option for Canadians

There truly are opportunities for Canadians to benefit morally and economically by taking positive steps, even small ones, to combat climate change and work towards a better future for upcoming generations.

Letter: Thank you for calling out ageism in our community

Editor: Kudos to Cynthia Ullmark (Outlook Sept. 26 edition) for speaking up against ageism in the community. Those with ageist attitudes show a narrow mentality, ignoring the fuller spectrum of senior facts.

Letter: Canada may be a small emitter overall, but on a per capita basis we have nothing to brag about

Editor: Re: "Canada only a small player on the world stage with pollution", Vox Populi, Oct. 17, 2019.

Letter: We are our own worst enemy

Editor: Bravo Tom Duke. I have been saying this for years. Unfortunately, no one has the guts to address the "growth" mentality economics in the first world and population in the rest and future generations will pay a heavy price for it.

Letter: Canada only a small player on world stage when it comes to carbon

Editor: I submit that Canadians need to stop looking at our map and thinking "what a big beautiful country we have, we must be important." Well we do have a big beautiful country and it is largely empty.
Letter: My own Walk-A-Mile experience

Letter: My own Walk-A-Mile experience

Editor: Last month my wife and I spent 6 nights in Canmore, before flying to Phoenix to hike The Grand Canyon, and finally Las Vegas. I expected the madness to start in Vegas. How wrong I was.

Letter: Land swap a win for wildlife connectivity in the Bow Valley

Editor: It is good news that after 16 years of negotiation, the MD of Bighorn has signed an agreement with Alberta Environment and Parks to provide protected and safe connectivity between the south Bow Valley wildlife movement corridors, under the Tr