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Vox Populi

LETTER: Town council should look to add downtown park

Editor: Many visitors and residents enjoy the experience of spending an afternoon in Riverside Park. Unfortunately, it is fast approaching its full capacity, especially on weekends. The West Canmore playground park – located just east of the boat

LETTER: Stop stigmatizing mental illnesses

Editor: I was dismayed by comments made by a local planner in Calgary while discussing the recent vandalism to the Peace Bridge. He lamented that Calgarians deserve to have these "lovely, beautiful, comfortable" spaces, however, they always seem to be

LETTER: Thankful for helpful community

Editor: Everyday there are so many negative stories in the news. I had a very positive experience over the weekend that reminded me why I love Canmore and I wanted to share it. I am a senior and I was out riding my electric bike and somehow or other

LETTER: Email comments show hate still exists

Editor: I'm sure by now everyone has heard about comments made by a certain person of a certain business in the Bow Valley, comments that have received both backlash and support. Instead of talking about the backlash, let's talk about the support that

LETTER: In recognition

Editor: On Saturday, July 30, I attended a celebration of life for Jon Whelan. While listening to family members and the tributes of others in attendance, it was clear to me that Jon deserved more widespread recognition. For most of Jon’s life, he was

LETTER: Email wrong, but don't punish business, employees

Editor: Someone at Valbella Gourmet Foods made a grievous error of judgement in his egregious reply to Canmore Pride regarding a donation. There is no sugar coating this, but the owners of Valbella responded quickly and appropriately to the mistake of

LETTER: Life is more unaffordable in Alberta

Editor: Albertans are facing a cost-of-living crisis not seen in decades. Grocery prices have risen astronomically, gas prices were close to $2 per litre and utility rates are nearly triple what they were under the NDP Government. As well, as a

LETTER: Done with Quarry Lake

Editor: I am done with Quarry Lake. When we were heading home to Peaks of Grassi from Quarry Lake on Monday (Aug. 1) at noon – and before it got too busy – I was walking with my five-year-old granddaughter and my husband was behind pulling a wagon

LETTER: Cycling lanes, safety should be a priority

Editor: Keeping Canmore cyclists safe should be the No. 1 priority for this Town council. Driving from the Three Sisters community of Canmore to downtown, it is obvious the road is wide enough to accommodate a dedicated bike lane in both directions.

LETTER: K-Country Conservation pass restrictive for people

Editor: On yet another beautiful day in Canmore during the August long weekend, I went to the Canmore Nordic Centre to donate blood. While everyone is spending the day enjoying the outdoors, hiking and camping and at the Canmore Folk Festival, there