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Vox Populi

LETTER: Lowering highway speeds a viable answer

Editor: I am writing in regards to the discussion of a pedestrian overpass over the Trans-Canada Highway to facilitate movement from the important residential area north of the highway to amenities and businesses south of the highway. The overpass is a

LETTER: Affordable housing a priority for Canmore

Editor: I have my own house that I am thankful is paid for, so affordable housing is not one of my personal problems. Rather, I am writing this on behalf of all my young friends who grew up here and cannot afford to buy a house, condo, or apartment and

LETTER: Concerns on proposed gondola's impact on wildlife, residents

Editor: Stone Creek Resort's effort to push forward its Mount Lady Macdonald gondola project raises a lot of red flags. Coming on the heels as it does of yet another scientific report documenting the fragile state of wildlife connectivity in the Bow

LETTER: Kenney keeps changing tune to save job

Editor: Premier Jason Kenney's theme song of democracy and free speech within his party may have just turned into his swansong. I haven't believed a word he says after he campaigned on issues which he promptly and systematically went about destroying

LETTER: Gondola will likely impact wildlife, community

Editor: Wow, Stone Creek Resorts has voluntarily committed to conducting an environmental assessment (EA) for a gondola project proposed for an area that should never even be on the table.

LETTER: Concerned speeding, passing of stopped school buses

Editor: My family and I live on Rundle Drive. My kids take the school bus to school every day. On most days, people speed and overtake the bus which is illegal. I have approached both the Town of Canmore and the RCMP detachment on this issue and they

LETTER: Vanmore speaks to a greater community issue

Editor: So, it is illegal to park overnight, but it becomes legal if I pay $300 a month or $10 a night and only during summertime? And considering that it is seasonal workers – which there is a shortage – probably working at minimum wages

LETTER: Unimpressed with coverage

Editor: We read with horror your cover story in the May 5 edition of the Outlook. The death of Ari Blackwood – a happy, friendly, intelligent, loving, and much-admired member of the community – will leave an indelible scar on her friends and family.

LETTER: Accident waiting to happen

Editor: The Town council approval of the development along the Trans-Canada Highway at Palliser Trail without an over or underpass has caused an accident – hit and run – this past weekend that resulted in a young woman being killed. This is an accident

LETTER: Long dreaded Silvertip Resort gondola

Editor: The article in the April 28 Outlook makes it sound as if the proposed gondola up to the Lady Macdonald tea house is a welcomed addition to our town. It appears to use the presence of three other gondolas in the Bow Valley as a justification for