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Vox Populi

LETTER: Everyone wins with path is shared, people are respectful

Editor: I respectfully disagree with the letter "Pathways should be for pedestrians" in the Aug. 25 Outlook.

LETTER: Statue a baffling exercise

Editor: I was astounded when Jason Kenney announced he wants to erect yet another statue, this time on the lawns at the McDougall Centre in Calgary. This one will be a bigger than life bronze of what appears to be one of Kenney's greatest heroes,

LETTER: 'Regrettable incident' shouldn't impact business

Editor: The sentiments Gloria Folden wrote about Valbella Gourmet Foods in her Aug. 25 letter to the editor "two unfortunate knee jerk reactions" in the Outlook are right on. This was an extremely regrettable incident which caused significant pain to

LETTER: Cyclists need to be more courteous, follow laws

Editor: In the Aug. 25 Outlook, Bill Praught wrote in his letter "drivers also need to follow rules of the road" that he watched "a cyclist had to jam on their brakes in the middle of a crosswalk to stay out of the way of a car." Only a pedestrian has

LETTER: Choir a fun time for all

Editor: I read the excellent article in the Aug. 18 edition of the Outlook about the Valley Winds Community Choir. I wanted to add a few words after my experience in the last nine years in both choirs, but more recently in the Men of the Mountains choir

LETTER: Choirs return a joyful moment

Editor: I read the Aug. 18 article in the Outlook with enthusiasm regarding the start-up of the Valley Winds Community Choirs after two years of not being able to rehearse in person. Our Directors, Sue Denton and Lee Ann DeCoteau, are to be commended

LETTER: Important for people to respect one another

Editor: It was interesting to read recent letters to the editor. A cyclist complaining about drivers, a driver complaining about cyclists and then an astute letter about the need for respect for one another. Travelling through central Canmore has

LETTER: Is Arrive Canada app still needed?

Editor: I am writing in the hope someone more intelligent or better informed than I can explain what useful purpose the Arrive Canada app serves. Since COVID-19 is everywhere and public health has given up trying to trace contacts, believing it to be

LETTER: Rabbits are out of control

Editor: Dear Town council. It is time to reactivate your rabbit posse. The rabbits have and are exploding in numbers in south Canmore, like, well, like rabbits. My husband and I try to be nurturers of this planet and promote greening. We abhor the

LETTER: Two unfortunate knee jerk reactions

Editor: All of us in the Bow Valley must wish the person at Valbella Gourmet Foods who responded to the LBGTQ+ request for a donation would have written something like “we are sorry, but our charity donations have all been budgeted for this year. Good