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Vox Populi

Letter: Grateful for coffee shops already working to reduce cup waste

Editor: Many thanks to the Rocky Mountain Outlook for highlighting the work of our group Re:Fill, which is a local grassroots group that encourages residents and visitors to reduce waste by bringing their own reusable cups to local cafés.

Letter: Changing behaviours, not hyperbole, creates a better future

Editor: It is clear that it is no longer possible to live according to the standard of constant consumption and expectation of eternal prosperity that we are used to.

Letter: Different approach to off-leash dog area needed

Instead of restrictions that will require bylaw enforcement and conflict, instead of forcing people to choose other areas to run dogs, instead of treating dog ownership as a crime, perhaps a different approach would work.

Letter: Canada Goose claims of humanely-sourced products questioned

Editor While I do not generally condone acts of vandalism, I do understand why paint was plastered on the store front protesting Canada Goose.

Letter: Off-leash dog park changes baffling

If making the loop into an on-leash area is, in actuality, an effort to mitigate disruption to the Quarry Lake wildlife district, let us address and discuss that for what it is directly, and not hide behind imprecise reasoning.

Letter: Pay attention to the human costs of overtourism

Editor: I want to thank Reg Bunyan from the Bow Valley Naturalists for acknowledging the social consequences of overtourism along with its negative impacts on ecological systems.

Letter: Paid parking letter good for a laugh

The idea that paid parking will reduce local shopping, in a place where many can and do walk everywhere, where not everyone can (or wants) to drive even to Cochrane every other weekend, where many genuinely enjoy local shopping, and where tourists will continue to spend money solely because of our natural capital, is hilarious.

Letter: Thank you for a job well done

Editor: The Town of Canmore, Volker Stevin and private companies need some recognition – they are doing a great job with the snow removal.

Letter: Raspberries, or how I saved the planet

Editor: The news media is awash with predictions of the demise of the planet Earth due to prolific energy use, pollution, climate change, waste management, etc. so I have set out to save our planet.

Letter: In support of Coun. Peter Poole

Editor: I totally support Councillor Peter Poole, he is a decent, charming man whom I feel sure would never do anything untoward to jeopardize his or the remaining council's status in the community.