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Vox Populi

LETTER: People continuing to deal with after effects of 2020 hailstorm

Editor: Last weeks front page story in the Calgary Herald was that of the horrendous hailstorm damage caused in 2020 had reached its one year mark, and some homeowners were still left standing out in the rain. Homeowners in the N.E.

LETTER: Please ring bike bell when passing others on the paths and trails

Editor: To ring, or not to ring, that is the question. I am a keen pedestrian. I enjoy walking with a friend, using my white cane in between us as a guiding mechanism and a means of keeping our distance. I am also a cyclist. An avid tandem rider.

LETTER: Unfairly pigeonholed for past work

Editor: In Canmore, it seems, it’s not who you are, but what you were that counts. Recently I had reason to comment on an issue in two Facebook groups.

LETTER: Don't bow down to 'cancel culture'

Editor: We are all human beings born into this world. We all have similar needs of food, shelter, and security. We gather into communities to further these needs of food, shelter, and security.

LETTER: Catholic Church covering up legacy of harms

EDITOR: As a newcomer to Western Canada working in Indigenous communities in 1990, I vividly recall trying to console the children of a couple that had just perished in a car crash. The loss was devastating.

LETTER: Disappointed with mayor's vote on TSMV

Editor: I am disappointed that Mayor John Borrowman voted in favour of the Three Sisters Mountain Village development proposal, despite concerns raised by many community groups.

LETTER: Reconciliation is not an act of contrition

Editor: It has been a time of reflection for me. In what seems like the hopeful and waning days of COVID-19, we now confront both the horror of a mass unmarked grave of Indigenous children in Kamloops and the murder of a Muslim family in London. And

LETTER: Brave leadership rises up in Stoney Nakoda First Nation

Editor: On Satruday (June 5), Summer Twoyoungmen led a second walk against street drugs, and specifically drug dealers on the reserve, as many walked or drove behind her in support.

LETTER: Denial of Three Sisters Village ASPs will impact Canmore's housing market

Editor: In response to Canmore council's decision in denying the Three Sisters Village area structure plan, let's now take a look at some of the consequences of this decision on the community. There is a limited amount of land to develop and once that

LETTER: Canmore can do better than what was proposed for Three Sisters Village

Editor: I wish to congratulate Canmore council for their decision to reject the Three Sisters Mountain Village area structure plan. In reading about their decision, I got the impression that there was more interest for affordable housing in Canmore and