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Vox Populi

LETTER: Don't be surprised when a woman climbs well

Editor: Recently, my climbing partner and I set-up for her to lead a short, very easy pitch of ice in Kananaskis. We shared the waterfall with another party, two male climbers.

LETTER: Carbon pricing a step in right direction

Editor: We pay to dump hazardous waste and large items at the landfill, so why would it seem outrageous to pay for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which are resulting in harmful climate change?

LETTER: Open letter to Three Sisters Mountain Village

Editor: It is soon Christmas time and I was wondering if it is a good time to ask you [Three Sisters Mountain Village] for a gift. A gift that would last for a long time, maybe several generations.

LETTER: Suggestions for public art on Bear Street

Editor: Though I am not an artist, I have a suggestion for the art work for Bear Street that I would like to submit. I would like our little town to reflect our values so I propose two concepts: 1) The word "Human".

LETTER: Thank you to the staff at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital

Editor: We are very fortunate that our community as such is coping very well with the difficulties caused by COVID-19. Most people are very friendly and helpful. Last week I had minor surgery at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital.

LETTER: Not the time to make major decisions for Canmore's future

Editor: I’ve come to think of the Three Sisters Development plan as the “let’s make Canmore like Cochrane plan.

LETTER: A legacy for the environment and our ears

Editor: With roughly 25,000 vehicles roaring thru the Bow Valley on the TCH, the noise can be heard in almost all corners of Canmore as you walk thru town.

LETTER: UCP claim public sector workers an economic drain insulting

Editor: The UCP government’s recent fiscal update contained an unprecedented jab at public sector workers, falsely claiming they are a drain on the economy.

LETTER: The UCP have failed to manage COVID-19

Editor: This letter was originally sent to Banff-Kananaskis MLA Miranda Rosen. We are writing to express my dismay, disbelief and disgust with you and your political party’s abject failure to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

LETTER: UCP plans for Alberta are short-sighted, harmful

Editor: To Premier Jason Kenney. I am writing to protest against most of what you have done to this province and the citizens of this province with your short-sighted plans.