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Vox Populi

LETTER: Lifting restrictions on open-pit mining will destroy southern Alberta

The magnitude of Kenney's roll-backs, cutting red tape, lessening of regulations and restrictions seems to show little heed for the reasons they existed in the first place

LETTER: Photo shows a 'blatant disregard for public safety'

Editor: Regarding last week's edition, I was astonished and very upset to see the photo on the front page – and another on an inside page – of people on the engine bridge structure.

LETTER: Citizens must participate in government to preserve environment

It’s time we become aware of the interconnectedness of our personal decisions and the environmental effects of those choices.

LETTER: Canadian government preparing for second wave

As our economy starts to reopen, the health and safety of Canadians is our number one priority.

LETTER: Photo shows need for increased enforcement of no jumping rules

Editor: I refer to the impressive Jump Fiction photo on the front page of the Aug. 6 edition of the Rocky Mountain Outlook .

LETTER: Who really benefits from the Report to the Citizens of Banff?

Editor: I’m disappointed that in the era of powerful women’s leadership the community of Banff had to endure yet another example of men attempting to creative division, derision, and libel toward our fine mayor, as well as a woman manager

LETTER: Lack of washroom access at top of Sulphur concerning

Editor: My husband and I recently hiked up and down Sulphur Mountain while the gondola whizzed by us.

LETTER: Town's parks need to accommodate residents and tourists

Editor: Canmore does not have "tourist town" designation, yet residents must deal with a regular influx of vistors. With the growing city of Calgary down the road, many more visitors will becoming.

LETTER: Letter writers do not speak for all Banff citizens

Editor: Jamie MacVicar and Barry Kelly – you do not speak for me. I do not know you. I have not met you. Your opinions do not represent mine. Please articulate who you really represent.

LETTER: Disappointed with front page photo

Editor: It was very disappointing to see the photo on the cover of the Rocky Mountain Outlook recent Aug. 6 issue.