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Vox Populi

LETTER: A well written letter on freedom

Editor: I have never done this before, but Tim Nokes' letter to the editor in the March 10 Rocky Mountain Outlook "world events show what freedom is" spurred me to write. Thank you, Tim, for your thoughts.

LETTER: Proposed passenger rail will impact wildlife movement

Editor: The passenger railway proposed between Calgary and Banff does little to support wildlife that move through the Bow Valley – movements already challenged by increasing human activity. The region between Morley (Mînî Thnî) and Banff is

LETTER: Lawsuits unfairly going after Town

Editor: Thank you to the Outlook for coverage of the many legal attacks being waged by Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Limited and Thunderstone Quarries – who share a common owner in the Taylor family – on the Town of Canmore and the previous

LETTER: Thank you to all volunteers

Editor: What an event the Masters World Cup was and a thank you to all volunteers. The organizing committee put on an impeccable series of races. It's hard and dedicated work made this Masters World Cup a world-class event. My thank you goes to the more

LETTER: World events show what freedom is

Editor: I feel compelled to write to the Outlook given the recent unthinkable events unfolding across our Canadian shores in Ukraine. Prior to this, the last four weeks in Canada have been very troubling seeing endless imagery of the so-called freedom

LETTER: Thank you for the memories

Editor: Jim Buckingham fits well to the man who can measure up to knowing at the end of life what matters most: how well we lived life, and how well we loved. Bucky, as he was known and who passed away Feb. 27, gave his only ski lesson to me more than

LETTER: Potential passenger rail will benefit Banff

Editor: I’ve lived in the Bow Valley since 1982, and like many, have seen the number of visitors consistently increasing every year. More people seem to be hiking, skiing, and enjoying the area, with most arriving by car.

LETTER: Paralympians deserve same financial support as Olympians

Editor: First, congratulations to our Paralympians – know that you make us proud of your accomplishments. While the heart of sport isn’t about money, the fact that Olympians receive financial compensation for medals while Paralympians do not is unjust.

LETTER: Should we develop all land?

Editor: Why do we have to develop every inch of space in Canmore? The new 101-unit hotel approved for Bow Valley Trail that will be known as Ascent Canmore will only add to the increased traffic congestion from visitors stopping for gas and snacks and

LETTER: Shortsighted decision on Highway 1A

Editor: I've sent Canmore Mayor Sean Krausert and Airdrie-Banff MP Blake Richards. I wanted to respond to a recent announcement regarding the closing of Highway 1A by Parks Canada during the shoulder season of 2022. I'm a Canmore resident and an avid