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Vox Populi

LETTER: Prices increasing, services decreasing at Elevation Place

Editor: I recently purchased a Splash membership at Elevation Place, which included access to the pool, hot tub and steam room. After my first swim, I was looking forward in particular to enjoying the steam room, which was 50 per cent of my reason

LETTER: Canada’s national parks must be kept accessible for all

Banff National Park’s surprise move to include a separate visitor management plan in its final draft of the 2020 management plan causes considerable concern for recreationalists, businesses, and other users in the mountain national parks. Imposing

LETTER: Against paving of pathway

Editor: How sad it is to see a few people stoop to public name calling and denigration of others within our small town. Sadly, how easy to do; but such action is trite and negative. Surely, with so much aggression in evidence around our world stage, we

LETTER: Looking forward to paved pathway, increased accessibility

Editor: I don't pretend to know all the issues at play for the upgrades on the West Bow River pathway, but as a wheelchair user, I do appreciate any paved trail in Canmore. Rough gravel trails are off-limits to me and others. I don't expect paved

LETTER: Bow Valley needs help with housing, food security, health services

Editor: Miranda Rosin was recently named the parliamentary secretary for tourism and wrote a post celebrating the things she looks forward to accomplishing in her new position. While I commend her enthusiasm, I would like her to consider that growth

LETTER: Proud of community accomplishments

Editor: I found last week’s Rocky Mountain Outlook inspiring. Thanks for that – you did a great job in profiling no fewer than three of our community’s stars: Grant Statham for the Summit of Excellence Award, Carol Picard and Jeff Horvath, who each

LETTER: Fine that led to bear deaths not high enough

Editor: In regards to the article in the Nov. 10 Outlook, "property owner fined after unsecured dumpster contributed to bear deaths," I can sum up my opinion in one sentence. The $250 fine issued by the Town of Canmore was missing a zero or two. I

LETTER: Paving pathway will be beneficial to community

Editor: Every day in my Canmore life, I hear more views on the pathway paving. What nonsense all this fuss is. Paving a well-worn trail to make it more accessible and safer for all users in all seasons is a normal and sensible thing to do. And if it

LETTER: Indoor Remembrance Day services could help attendance

Editor: After two years of our community not being able to gather together for our regular Remembrance Day service, I was so looking forward to a real service in the school followed by time at the cenotaph as we have had for many years.

LETTER: Potential tax increase, pathway cost concerning

Editor: So, coming soon to us living in Canmore – a proposed 12.5 per cent tax increase and a $5,470,000 pave over of our Bow River Trail pathway. Perhaps our Mayor Sean Krausert is looking forward to dropping the checkered flag at the finishing line