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Vox Populi

Letter: Concerned about Banff's debt levels during economic crisis

Editor: I am very concerned the debt that the Town of Banff is taking on during these difficult times due to, principally, two main projects.

Letter: Opportunity awaits our parks

Editor: With respect to the op-ed “Dreaming of Returning to our Parks” in the Rocky Mountain Outlook’s April 23, 2020 edition, I am writing to provide a perspective not offered in that letter.

Letter: Not convinced letter's sentiments were inappropriate

Editor: I am writing in response to the letters written in the previous weeks.

Letter: Letter's sentiments, but one, truly repugnant

Editor: Strange, I initially thought there was not a single item in last week's letter from Mr. Balkenstein and Ms. Teske with which I could agree.

Letter: Flattening the curve is good for the economy

"Pandemic economics is different from normal economics. The best thing for the economy during a pandemic, is to combat the root cause of the recession and flatten-the-curve."

Letter: The business of mankind is to preserve life and protect each other

Editor: Re: Last week’s open letter to Jason Kenney It’s been a long time since a letter has so incensed me as this did. I am a strong fiscal conservative and support the current administration and their handling of the current situation.

Letter: Letter writers' selfishness on display

Editor: I cannot begin to explain the depth of my outrage I experienced upon reading Dean Balkenstein and Tiffany Teske’s letter to the editor (Government Response to COVID-19 goes to far) in the RMO issue of April 16.

Letter: Now is not the time to take on new debt

Editor: Over the past week or so I have been in communication with Banff's mayor and council regarding the $9.5 million dollars that will be spent on the Bear Street Refresh Project.

Letter: Despite recommendations, Canmore still too busy during pandemic

Editor: It doesn't feel like it is working. As I walked downtown for some groceries I couldn't help but notice how busy the streets were with the feeling of a normal spring Saturday afternoon.

Letter: Why are gas prices so much more expensive here?

Editor: Banff residents, struggling with the complete shut-down of the tourism industry, are wondering why gas prices at the local Shell, Petro-Canada, and Husky stations are almost $0.38 (cents) more than in Calgary.