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Vox Populi

So many sports terms, so little time

Editor: Having played rugby with Banff in 1988 and 1992, I like to follow the team’s progress each season, mostly through your newspaper. Back in “my day,” newspaper reports were scarce, these days a weekly report is usual and eagerly appreciated.

Grateful for support in the valley

Editor: On May 25, Bow Valley Connections Centre held a bottle drive as a fundraising effort to continue the social and community programming we provide to residents of the Bow Valley living with a developmental disability.

Lougheed era leadership, vision needed for Alberta's future

Editor: I have voted conservative, provincially and federally, since I came to Canmore 50 years ago. In 1969, Peter Lougheed was elected premier of Alberta, a visionary who led this province for 12 years.

Stalag 800 Railway Avenue

Editor: We just returned from being away for a month and were aghast to see the newly installed, shockingly offensive razor-wire gulag at the Canmore Provincial Courthouse.

CCHS alumni not being heard on team name change

Editor: Over the past three months we’ve been hearing about Canmore Collegiate High School (CCHS) and its’ plans to change the Crusader name.

Town needs to fix Northview Apartments

Editor: The Northview Apartment complex on Palliser trail has been poorly planned and the Town needs to fix it. The residents (upwards of 400 people) have been screwed by the Town’s lack of foresight.

Vanmore to Gapmore

Editor: With the new parking (camping) restrictions behind Save On Foods, people are looking for alternative places to live. One of those is at Gap Lake on the 1A Highway.

Don't let free spirit of Vanmore fade

Editor: With interest and dismay did I read about the recently disturbing difficulties the free- spirited temporary residents of “Vanmore” experience. My heart goes out to them because I have been there, done that.

Disappointed with carbon pricing cancellation

Editor: I am disappointed that the new Alberta government’s first legislative act this week is to repeal the Alberta carbon tax.

Transformational gift will revitalize largest theatre in Banff

Editor: Spring in the Bow Valley is transformational. Here on Treaty 7 territory, we are fortunate to witness the mountains removing their winter caps while glacial waters melt and flow. It’s a time that welcomes change and renewal.