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Vox Populi

LETTER: Better answer needed than relocating bears

Editor: The past and current treatment of bears in our valley is either testament to a lack of really understanding bears or to a continued lack of political will to actually spend the money and do what’s needed to keep them on the landscape. Or both.

LETTER: National park visitor guide impresses

Editor: We just renewed our annual Parks Canada pass and received our Banff National Park visitor guide. We've visited dozens of countries and have never seen so much high quality, easy-to-read, valuable information in one document.

LETTER: Leadership election came from party, not province

Editor: I am sincerely hoping that Danielle Smith does not think she has a mandate as our new Premier or even that she is any kind of representative of Alberta. In the leadership race, 84,593 members of the UCP voted. She was elected by a 53.8 per

LETTER: Community needs to do better when it comes to wildlife attractants

Editor: All of Canmore is disgraced when a bear family is executed because we cannot follow the rules we have made for ourselves. How could it be that Canmore residents and businesses were allowed to provide food attractants to this bear family – as

LETTER: More priority needed on bear-proof garbage bins

Editor: It is disheartening to hear about the three bears destroyed Oct. 3 in Canmore. It was particularly disturbing to learn why they were put down. The Bow Valley has long been recognized as a leader in garbage management with, arguably, one of the

LETTER: Thank you for another successful carnival

Editor: Last month, Bow Valley Connections Centre hosted our second annual carnival for youth and children with neurodiversity at the Canmore Recreation Centre field. The Razzle Dazzle Carnival was an afternoon event of homemade games, music and

LETTER: Education and forgiveness are needed

Editor: I was profoundly saddened to read about the situation with Valbella Gourmet Foods. No doubt a huge mistake occurred. However, Valbella has apologized to the LGBTQ community regarding this event. I am appalled at the lack of forgiveness for one

LETTER: Parks Canada need to improve bathroom cleaning

Editor: My wife and I visited Moraine Lake on Sept. 21 and we were appalled by the filthy condition of the outdoor toilets. We watched in embarrassment as tourists opened outhouse doors and then recoiled in disgust, refusing to even enter. This is

LETTER: Public forum on West Bow River pathway should be held

Editor: I am relatively new to Canmore and live downtown. I couldn’t help but notice two letters in the Sept. 15 Outlook expressing support for the Town’s plans for the West Bow River Pathway. It seems a contentious issue, so I wondered why there wasn’t

LETTER: Improvements much needed to dangerous stretch of highway

Editor: May I add my voice to the calls for twinning the Trans-Canada Highway through Yoho National Park. The article in the Sept. 22 Outlook explores only a part of the problem. Let's not forget the indifferent – the nicest word I can use