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Vox Populi

LETTER: Serious questions around the impact of coal mining

Editor: Concerns about mining of Alberta's eastern slopes and Foothills. The biggest question is selenium and arsenic contamination.

LETTER: For the love of Canmore

Editor: We need you, as the TSMV project is going to change Canmore for ever and I don't think we all understand what is really at steak in this enormous project.

LETTER: TSMV is about profit versus the environment

Editor: Well, in my view, the TSMV project boils down to profit versus environment and social fabric. I've been looking at the information presented to our town council by TSMV – available at

LETTER: Online public hearing is insufficient for development this size

Editor: We now know the people who make up our town council. Unanimously, they voted to approve the first stage of the TSMV proposal and open it up to a public hearing. A public hearing? In the time of COVID.

LETTER: Let's not sell out our beloved Canmore

Editor: Developers are creating a divided town inspired by speculation. This "mountain sprawl" that the town is allowing is the worst kind of carbon footprint. This is not the direction we as a community want to go.

LETTER: Stop complaining, start participating

Editor: In a recent newspaper article it was reported that the recently approved user-pay parking program “follow(ed) a years-long process” and “formal consultations … started in January 2019 with drop-in sessions, stakeholde

LETTER: Concerned about Canmore's future

Editor: I write you today to voice a shared concern about proposed project for Three Sisters Mountain Village, concerns that the mayor and council is disconnecting with the very people that put them in office in the first place.

LETTER: No MLA Rosin, Albertans are not begging for their freedoms to be taken away

Editor: This is my response to an opinion article "Freedom in a Floundering World" written by our Banff-Kananaskis MLA Miranda Rosin: The pandemic is not over. That is a fact, not a belief.

LETTER: Future projects should include housing for employees

Editor: Ernie Barber from the University of Saskatchewan and Innovate Canmore CEO Brian McLure are really good at telling us what they’re really good at.

LETTER: It is OK to not be OK

Editor: As we approach one full year under various COVID-19 restrictions, I wanted to acknowledge and speak about the mental health toll that this has taken on many of us, myself included.