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Vox Populi

LETTER: TSMV not welcome for one reader

Editor: When someone I do not like arrives at my door, I do allow him or her to enter. A sensible person realizes he/she is not wanted and goes away. If Three Sisters Mountain Village has any sense, it should realize it is not wanted and should go

LETTER: Thank you to Bow River art creators

Editor: I'd like to thank the local artists whose diverse creations have made a stroll along the Bow River in Banff even more inspiring.

LETTER: A few more signs, please.

Editor: I cannot believe, in our age of multiculturalism, that the Town of Canmore would post such critical information as I saw at the Quarry Lake off-leash dog park this morning in only one of our two official languages.

LETTER: The province should stop meddling as they add further to the debt

Editor: Kenney has come up with some great ideas to cut his deficit Last week, a Financial Post headline read, "Alberta Takes 50 per cent Stake In Troubled Refinery." That refers to the ailing Sturgeon Refinery northeast of Edmonton. It's lost money

LETTER: Opening the province is a positive

Editor: After reading editorials, letters, and talking to people on the street, I cannot believe people are so upset at Premier Jason Kenney for opening up Alberta. Instead of crying over the loss of your civil rights, you now are crying over getting

LETTER: What’s so threatening about one Banff councillor?

Editor: Let me see if I have this right. A person who happens to be a developer who brought some fresh new ideas to Banff has now been deemed a threat because as a town councillor he believes the Town should adhere to a past decision of Parks Canada to

LETTER: Recent bad news shows Canada needs to change

Editor: The avalanche of bad news has led me to emotionally and morally question much about Canada and my place in it. I want to be a proud Canadian, but every day I dread opening my news feeds. The mounting numbers of unmarked graves at former

LETTER: Important to follow regulations to protect wildlife

Editor: A couple years ago, we at Simpson’s Num-Ti-Jah Lodge learned a valuable management practice that we would like to share with our fellow stakeholders and visitors to the Bow Valley. In the era of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the

LETTER: Intersection is too confusing and impedes traffic flow

Editor: My wife and I fill-up on gas in Canmore roughly 50 to 100 times per year. On the Canada Day weekend, we went into town to check out a painting at a gallery and grab a bite. I have to say, the design for the new intersections for the main

LETTER: Banff punishing vehicles by lowering speed limits

Editor: After reading an article in the paper, I wanted to send a letter so everyone can read my opinion on what the Town of Banff is proposing for the 30 kilometre-an-hour speed limit bylaw.