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Vox Populi

LETTER: Provincial policing force plan flawed

Editor: Tyler Shandro has been caught in a lie. After promising a provincial police force won’t increase your property taxes, former Finance Minister Travis Toews recently admitted “it will cost Albertans a little bit more.” Shandro’s promises follow

LETTER: Supporter of buses instead of proposed rail line

Editor: An up to $30 million a year operating subsidy from the province for 50 years would total $1.5 billion dollars, assuming the unlikely event there are no unexpected additional costs – that’s the ask Albertans for the proposed Calgary-Banff train

LETTER: Kenney should take rest of summer off

Editor: Jason, Jason, Jason – take the rest of the summer off this year. I promise no one will mind. I’m unsure what the advantage has been to keep Jason Kenney at the helm of the UCP after his own party nearly kicked him out. The day after he

LETTER: Paid parking an issue in Canmore

Editor: Here’s the scenario. I park my car next to Stonewaters on 6 Avenue and head towards the Mut Hut Pet Emporium for a quick purchase. But first, to the parking kiosk on 6 Avenue to register my car for 30 minutes. As I get close to the Mut Hut, I

LETTER: Important for people to follow road rules

Editor: The Town of Canmore has spent a large amount of money to make cyclists and pedestrians safer.

LETTER: Not a fan of existing downtown paid parking setup

Editor: I drove from Save-On-Foods to my home in Three Sisters and saw all of the paid parking signs downtown, but saw only one place where I, as a Canmore Citizen, will have to go to register my car if I want to park and shop downtown. I am really

LETTER: Growth in outlying areas could impact valley

Editor: The population growth in the next 10 years for the City of Calgary is estimated to be more than 80,000 residents. This likely means Banff and Canmore can expect more visitors and weekenders to fill up our parking spots, hiking and cycling

LETTER: Disappointed in halt of Banff resident parking program for Canada Day

Editor: I am concerned about the decision to suspend the resident parking program for the Canada Day long weekend for two reasons. First, I don't think it is right to lay the burden of busy streets and parking woes on residents. There are people who

LETTER: Time to strengthen bylaws on bed and breakfasts

Editor: In regards to the article in the June 16 Outlook on the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board's ruling on bed and breakfasts, it is not ironic that motels have cooking facilities and bed and breakfasts do not as the bed and

LETTER: Know rules of the trail

Editor: It is wonderful to see so many people using the Legacy Trail. Parks Canada never foresaw the width needed for the trail, but it is what we have and therefore must be managed. Yes, that awful word, managed before someone gets seriously hurt on