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Vox Populi

LETTER: Post-secondary education is fundamental to Alberta’s future

Editor: Over the past few weeks, there have been two announcements pertaining to post-secondary and the arts in the Bow Valley.

LETTER: Pop-up book sale for the Canmore Public Library

Editor: The word of the day is – pivot. That’s what the Canmore Public Library has had to do by initiating curbside pickup and reimagining its bi-annual huge, eclectic book sales.

LETTER: Changing social systems starts with individual responsibility

Editor: A few days ago, someone stole a planter full of flowers from the condo complex I live in. Compared to more vital issues currently on the table, this was a minor event indeed.

LETTER: Thank you for supporting 2020 graduates

Editor: A heartfelt thank you to family, friends, neighbours and passersby who cheered on the Class of 2020 as they drove from the Canmore Nordic Centre to Canmore Collegiate High School in honour of their Grade 12 graduation.

LETTER: Layoffs at the Banff Centre raise questions

LETTER: Circumstances have created new risk to wildlife

Editor: Today, Tuesday, June 2, my friend went biking with her dog. She passed a trailhead along the Bow River. Two hours later, the dog was barely responsive. She phoned me. We went to the vet.

LETTER: Congratulations to 2020 graduates

Editor: Congratulations – you did it. Years of hard work have earned you your degree, diploma, or certificate, and you should be immensely proud of your accomplishment.

LETTER: Increasing accessibility and equality for outdoor recreation

Editor: We are in a revolutionary time, where people are fighting for equality and for justice. Black people are fighting for their lives to matter, and Indigenous people are still fighting to have equal human rights.

LETTER: Abandoning dog disgraceful behaviour

Editor: To the person who dumped their dog on Morley Road – just so you know, this terrorized animal was weaving in and out of traffic trying to find the car he got dumped from.

LETTER: Racist geographic names in the Bow Valley need to be changed

Editor: The Black Lives Matter movement has demanded change and has highlighted the need for dialogue in regards to the bitter realities of racism in Canada.