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Vox Populi

LETTER: Conservative Alberta values being left behind

Editor: I never thought that I would see the day that I would want to see an Alberta Conservative Party go the way of the Dodo bird or the Social Credit Party, but that’s how I feel today.

LETTER: Protect the environment, don't destroy it

Editor: I have been watching the future proposed development of the Three Sisters Mountain Village for the Three Sisters Village and Smith Creek areas for years now.

LETTER: Business case for TSMV 'extremely suspect'

Editor: The credibility of the proposed business case for Three Sisters Mountain Village development plan is extremely suspect. The plan was prepared some time ago.

LETTER: Canmore needs affordable housing, not luxury condos

Editor: Canmore needs more affordable housing, not luxury condos and houses.

LETTER: Concerned with proposed wildlife fencing for TSMV

Editor: Three Sisters Mountain Village’s area structure plans propose a wildlife fence surrounding its developments, a “hard edge” to the wildlife corridor as the solution to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

LETTER: Development encroaching on lands better left untouched

Editor: Our recent years in Canmore have lead to nothing but appreciation and realization toward what a community can be. For the size that Canmore is, there must be clear intentions as to why there is a need to continually grow.

LETTER: Council should approve TSMV plans

Editor: I am hoping that the Canmore town council will do the right thing and approve the TSMV plan that sits before them. Despite all the advertising against it, it is actually a plan that is needed for our town.

LETTER: Thank you for the random act of kindness

Editor: Yesterday was a not a win, sometimes fieldwork gets complicated and that drowning feeling really sets in. Sorely, the battle was won and we set to pack up our gear and return to home base.

LETTER: Visitor questions parking enforcement along 1A Highway

Editor: This is to the fine officers or officer who decided to post fines to families who were out enjoying a day of hiking and enjoying the out doors at Grotto Canyon during this time of the pandemic.

LETTER: Future decisions should protect the landscape, wildlife

Editor: I have lived in Canmore for over three years with my family and will say the most important reason we moved our family here was for the small town feel and love of nature.