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Vox Populi

LETTER: Lawrence Grassi proposed project lacking on many levels

Editor: I am writing this letter in response to the proposed Canadian Rockies Public Schools Lawrence Grassi Middle School Area Redevelopment Plan. I am the owner of a unit in Elk Run Encore, which is directly adjacent to this proposed development.

LETTER: Concern on potential tax increase for residents

Editor: With the fire pit on Bear Street constantly burning fuel for no apparent reason, mayor and council should examine this practice against their stated goal of being "an environmental role model.” Our mayor was so proud of the recently passed

LETTER: Calgary arena deal failed because of money

Editor: People in Calgary were quick to jump on the bandwagon to criticize and blame their new mayor Jhoti Gondek for the demise of the Calgary Sport And Entertainment Centre. The Calgary Herald's Licia Corbella wrote article after article. She even

LETTER: Not in favour of Parks Canada park and ride closure in Lake Louise

Editor: Adding 2,000 summer parking spaces in the Whitehorn corridor to support visitation to Lake Louise is misguided and short-sighted. Celebrating an increase in parking from 800 spaces to 2000 is disrespectful to the mountain of work gone into

LETTER: Twin Falls Chalet an important historical part of the community

Editor: It is interesting the Alpine Club of Canada is resuming the lease to Twin Falls Chalet from Parks Canada, as per the Feb. 3 edition of the Outlook. I packed supplies in by packhorse for Fran Drummond for many years starting in the mid-1960's.

LETTER: Restaurant an important part of lives

Editor: I just read the letter "Longtime popular restaurant will be missed" in the Jan. 20 Outlook. I couldn't agree more. My husband and I moved to Canmore in December 2019 to begin our next adventure and make this beautiful town our forever home. We

LETTER: Proposed development would impact wildlife, force change in urban growth boundary

Editor: The Town of Canmore is considering a development proposal known as 800 Canmore on 3rd Avenue. It’s apparently the third time development has been proposed for this land. Only this time, the proposal also includes a site for a hospice. There is

LETTER: Has FireSmarting gone too far?

Editor: In my view, FireSmart is going way too far. I fully realize this could be misconstrued as a socially/politically/economically incorrect position to take, but hear me out, please. Obviously, no one wants to experience a forest fire here. No one.

LETTER: Keep popular trail open

Editor: Parks Canada has announced its plans to move the Park & Ride for the Lake Louise and Moraine Lake shuttles to the Lake Louise ski area base this summer. I do not have a strong opinion on this change, but I am strongly opposed to one of the

LETTER: Bed and breakfasts are just another vacation rental

Editor: Family-oriented streets in Canmore are a special place. We have been lucky to live on one for 32 years and we enjoy yet another generation of children learning to ride a bike or skateboard or throw a ball. Drivers on our street know the homes