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Vox Populi

Letter: Thank you from residents of Mount Edith House

Editor: “Doing good to others is a joy for it increases your own health and happiness.

Letter: Why fast food chains to distribute free masks?

Editor: The announcement by Minister of Health Tyler Shandro that the government will be distributing masks to all Albertans "at no cost" and that it "will help Albertans get back to work and enjoy everyday activities" may be a bit misleading and costly.

Letter: Weekenders are part of our community too

Editor: Weekenders are an important part of our community. They were before COVID-19, they will be during COVID-19 – as in right now – and after it passes. Our community needs everyone now more than ever.

Letter: Questioning closures to traffic lanes on Banff Avenue

Editor: Who is paying for this?

Letter: Like watching a train wreck in slow motion

Editor: Fifteen months ago, I wrote a letter to the editor expressing my concerns regarding recent derailment events in Canada and the emergence of what I thought might be an adverse trend in rail safety.

Letter: If you can't be nice, stay in Calgary

Editor: Today while I was in Save-on-Foods, two of the employees were treated quite rudely by some customers from Calgary. These people are working through some trying times to stay open for us.

Letter: We should welcome healthy tourists back to town

Editor: I recently read in the news Mayor John Borrowman's messages to Albertans and Canadians to stay out of our town. This is wrong in so many ways. This virus is going to be with us for at least 18 months, probably much longer.

Letter: Now is the right time for open street plans for Banff and Canmore

Editor: As we make attempts to relaunch, I want to give a shout out to mayors and councils who want to create car-free zones in our lovely mountain towns.

Letter: Canmore's grocery stores should offer compostable plastic bags

Editor: As a requirement of pandemic safety precautions, we are required to use new plastic bags for groceries. We are questioning why Save-On-Foods and Safeway in Canmore do not follow the lead of Calgary Coop to use compostable bags.

Letter: No surprises when it comes to how UCP treats Alberta doctors

Editor: The fact that Premier Jason Kenney came out and said that "things will have to change" in reference to physicians pay should come as no surprise to Albertans. This was in the cards way before the pandemic hit.