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Happy trails and tails from Henderson and Cazz

Happy trails and tails from Henderson and Cazz

Editor: Hi, it’s Mike Henderson and I’ve been your Parks Canada Warden/dog handler in the Bow Valley since succeeding Scotty Ward in 2000. Parks Canada has been operating professional dog teams with police profiles since the early 1970s.

High school alumni should be consulted on name change

Editor: As a former student, athlete, coach and teacher of the Canmore high school, I thought I’d weigh in on the Crusaders name debate.

School logo shows historic meaning of Crusader name

Editor: It saddens me to hear the opposition and excuses being made by those who oppose the timely review of the Crusaders moniker.

Patients seeking private health care options desperate, not rich

Editor: MLA Cam Westhead says that when it comes to health care, “there are no second-class citizens in our province.” (Candidate insists UCP supports publicly funded healthcare, March 7).

Street light design should reflect lived experience

Editor: I felt a need to respond to FortisAlberta’s comments regarding streetlighting and LEDs.

Crusaders name should stay unchanged

Editor: With regards to the issue of changing the CCHS name from Crusaders, as someone who not only played on multiple championship teams wearing Crusader colours, I was also a head coach for all of the basketball teams at one point or other for over

"We take paradise and put up a parking lot'

Editor: Recently it was Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday. Forty-nine years ago she sang, in Big Yellow Taxi: “We take paradise and put up a parking lot.

Stand-up to xenophobia

Editor: March 15, 2019: I woke up this morning and heard what had happened in New Zealand. I am horrified and it scares me to see what is happening in this world of ours.

Proven ways to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions

Editor: Our highways can be safer for both people and wildlife. Vehicle collisions with animals are dangerous, expensive and a threat to wildlife and people’s survival.

Candidate insists UCP supports publicly funded health care

Editor: In the March 7 edition of the Outlook , an article by Paul Clarke brings focus to the upcoming election in Alberta.