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Vox Populi

LETTER: An ode to Tunnel Mountain

Editor: I go up and I go down. I love this mountain. Sitting at 1 692 meters, she certainly isn’t our biggest mountain. Compared to Cascade she is about half the height! However she seems to create a bit of gumption in all of us.

LETTER: More enforcement, respect for Quarry Lake needed

Editor: On the evening of July 12, I walked around Quarry Lake and this what I saw: The sign reminding everyone of physical distancing was tossed aside; Paper plates floating in the water; A Ziploc bag bobbing in the shallow water; A plastic food con

LETTER: Local testing for COVID-19 integral to managing pandemic locally

Editor: I want to express my sincerest thanks to our local medical colleagues, and community in general, during this unprecedented time.

LETTER: COVID-19 testing site puts others at risk

Editor: A COVID-19 testing station for asymptomatic persons is a good idea, as is a decision to locate one for the Bow Valley in Canmore.

LETTER: Thank you for the 'slow down' signs

Editor: My heart felt thanks to a local business, Property Guys, who have provided free slow down signs for our poor beleaguered laneway.

LETTER: Letter writer questions protest sign

Editor: I feel compelled to address the front picture of the June 25 issue of the Outlook where an energized Charile Buffler is championing a sign "Racism is small dick energy."

LETTER: Closure of Bow Valley Parkway raises new safety issues

Editor: I am writing to express my concern over the safety of individuals using the Bow Valley Parkway (from its eastern junction with Highway 1, to its junction with Highway 93 South).

LETTER: Post-secondary education is fundamental to Alberta’s future

Editor: Over the past few weeks, there have been two announcements pertaining to post-secondary and the arts in the Bow Valley.

LETTER: Pop-up book sale for the Canmore Public Library

Editor: The word of the day is – pivot. That’s what the Canmore Public Library has had to do by initiating curbside pickup and reimagining its bi-annual huge, eclectic book sales.

LETTER: Changing social systems starts with individual responsibility

Editor: A few days ago, someone stole a planter full of flowers from the condo complex I live in. Compared to more vital issues currently on the table, this was a minor event indeed.