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Vox Populi

LETTER: Congratulations to all graduates

Editor: Kudos to you! I am deeply proud of anyone who graduates during these unique times. And I am especially proud of my First Nations neighbours, as I know this year in particular has included unique challenges for you.

LETTER: A new beginning for cycling on Highway 1A

Editor: When COVID-19 restrictions began in 2020, Highway 1A from Fireside to Castle Junction was mostly closed to vehicle access but open to cyclists and foot traffic. Depending on the time of year, Roam Transit has been providing access to Johnston

LETTER: New intersection more chaotic than it needs to be

Editor: To whomever designed the new intersection: What were you thinking? And the person who gave the green light to it all? It has taken that casual trip downtown and turned it overnight into a logistic nightmare. There's frequent backed up traffic

LETTER: Education minister needs to listen to parents on new draft curriculum

Editor: How about Jason Kenney’s idea to disenfranchise some taxpayers and let the constituents who are currently policed by the RCMP vote on whether to keep the RCMP? By that logic, only parents would have a say on whether to proceed with the 2021

LETTER: Name of new Banff pedestrian bridge should highlight Indigenous people

Editor: I’ve been reading about the new pedestrian bridge that will be built linking the two park areas in Banff. Terrific. However, I am not so enthused by the reports of the naming of the bridge.

LETTER: Record temperatures another warning of climate change

Editor: From June 27 to July 1, we experienced an unprecedented heat wave that put many Albertans at risk. It also led to infrastructure damage, agricultural fires, and the need to limit power and water use. In Canmore and Banff, we beat previous heat

LETTER: Attempt to silence Banff councillor unsettling

Editor: When people resort to dirty pool, and choose to do so anonymously, it’s time for those responsible for protecting the public interest to be very cautious. This is how the bad stuff starts. I refer to the recent effort to gag Banff councillor

LETTER: Disappointed in appeal on defeated Smith Creek ASP

Editor: I am disappointed, but not surprised about the upcoming appeal by Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Limited on the defeated Smith Creek area structure plan given this developer’s history of litigation, and, despite what their PR says,

LETTER: Slow down on multi-use paths

Editor: To quote an old TV show, survey says that lower speed limits reduce collisions of all kinds. I’ll mention that to the next logo-emblazed, Spandex-encased, alternate-transportation-method utilizer who blasts past me and my dog on one of our

LETTER: Time for transformation

Editor: The weather this summer should cause all of us to pause and reflect on how the world will be, after our own time on this planet. Our dependence on carbon is literally killing us – along with billions of representatives of other species. But we