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Vox Populi

LETTER: Rosin's newsletter harmful and misleading

Editor: I received the mail-out pamphlet from Ms. Miranda Rosin, MLA for Banff-Kananaskis.

LETTER: Thank you to those who helped at Johnson Lake

Editor: I would like to acknowledge the heroic selfless acts of kindness, compassion and care I received on Sunday, Nov. 8 on Johnson Lake.

LETTER: Suspicious of government's de-listing provincial park sites

Editor: I would have to agree with Mr. Austin’s claim that I am suspicious of the government’s plan, and here’s why.

LETTER: Time to restrict access to municipal facilities to locals only

Editor: This is an open letter to Canmore town council. If you were in town this past weekend, you know Calgary was here. As of Saturday (Nov. 14), Calgary had 2,911 active cases of COVID.

LETTER: Parks Canada putting lives at risk on TCH in Yoho

Editor: I am writing concerning the story "Stalemate over road service in Field continues.

LETTER: Kind gestures go a long way

Editor: I was at the Simpson Car Wash the other week. I loaded some money on the machine and no sooner had I retrieved the hose, then it got ripped right out of my hand due to a rather large split in the hose.

LETTER: Fiscal responsibility more important than a small fraction of provincial park lands

Editor: Apparently, our provincial park system is under severe distress.

LETTER: We must also remember the animals that served

Editor: The Sept. 24 edition of Rocky Mountain Outlook featured an article about Park Canada’s new dog handler and his professional service dog Leroy.

LETTER: Banff residents have already rejected paid parking twice

Editor: Ignoring the wishes of the residents, the Banff council is once again trying to push paid parking through. I've spoken to a number of people and most of them don't know that the Town is trying to bring in paid parking again.

LETTER: OK with mountain named after Nazi collaborator

Editor: Re: "It is time to talk about renaming Mount Pétain." No, we should not scour the landscape in an attempt to erase every remnant of history that doesn’t conform to the militant progressivism of the moment.