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Vox Populi

Letter: Addressing climate change will cost taxpayers more

Editor: While I'm sure Canmore's new clmate change expert is a wonderful person, I find it troubling to read that her first order of business will be to implement a $50,000 study on renewable energy and two smaller studies costing $5,000 each

Letter: Woonerf final design not yet determined

One Banff town councillor has told me that no final design has been presented to Banff Council. Clarification on this point would be appreciated. 

Letter: Stopping for school buses should be optional

Editor: Re: Editorial, "Stopping for school buses is not optional" – well, it should be.

Embarrassed to be Canadian

Editor: I am an embarrassed Canadian. I'm embarrassed by the way Parks Canada treats our visitors at the shuttle to Lake Louise.
Letter: Eagles seek billet homes for 2019-20 season

Letter: Eagles seek billet homes for 2019-20 season

Editor: I am writing on behalf of the Canmore Eagles to implore the good people of the Bow Valley. We are in need of billet homes once again. This is nothing new, and nothing has changed.

LETTERS: Godspeed, Mr. Earl

LETTERS: Does Alberta Environment and Parks even want rehabilitated bears to succeed after reintroduction?

Editor: I would like to comment on the article concerning the bear rehabilitation situation and I would like to correct the date when the ban on rehabilitating orphaned bear cubs, and a variety of other species, was introduced.

LETTERS: Road safety efforts should include all users, not just cyclists

Editor: As a person who regularly bikes and drives on the streets of Canmore and Banff, I’m interested in a road safety campaign that will deliver real results.

LETTER: Saving lives is a high priority

Editor: I am deeply thankful that I live in a community that has skilled mountain rescue pilots and a number of machines in close proximity with the technical power to respond immediately to people in trouble in the mountains and in the event of a di

LETTER: Clarification about palliative care available in the valley needed

Editor: We want to correct several inaccuracies in a recent article regarding publicly-funded palliative care in the Bow Valley.