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Vox Populi

LETTER: Mystified by provincial response to COVID-19

Editor: I am mystified by the response of Premier Jason Kenney to the growing numbers of those affected with COVID-19.

LETTER: Kindness will get us through this pandemic

Editor: I signed up to be a Christmas Elf with the Bow Valley Elves and choose two native design items. I went to About Canada Gallery in Banff to purchase my gifts.

LETTER: Questions surround Quebec athletes with COVID training in Canmore

Editor: We have all been urged over and over to stay home, to limit any visitors to one, to remain inside our personal "bubble" for the sake of everybody in our community.

LETTER: New rental apartment buildings not planned very well

Editor: During my studies at the University fo Calgary, we were taught that land use planning equals quality of life. Well, land use planning in Canmore has gone out the window.

LETTER: Canmore needs a COVID-19 testing centre

Editor: Congratulations on securing the additional Covid-19 testing sites for the Town of Banff. I am writing to request that at minimum, one Covid-19 testing facility be set up in Canmore as well.

LETTER: We will get through this together

Editor: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping, ” Fred Rogers.

LETTER: When it comes to place names, we can do better

Editor: Thank you and I completely agree with your point and your editorial this week. We really need to fix this right now.

LETTER: Disagree with letter writer's sentiments

Editor: The recent letter from Carol Tracey titled “We must remember the animals that served” has prompted me to write about an aspect of Remembrance Day that most civilians are totally unaware of.

LETTER: Where's that recall legislation Albertans were promised?

Editor: Does anyone know if Jason Kenney is still planning on introducing Recall Legislation? Just wondering. Jim Ridley, Canmore

LETTER: Agree with letter writer on importance of historic monuments

Editor: Re-naming historical points of interest, mobs destroying historical monuments, like Sir John A. MacDonald, shows us a lack of understanding and knowledge.