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Vox Populi

Province must take immediate action to mitigate highway

Editor: This letter was submitted to the newly elected UCP MLA for Banff-Kananaskis. Dear Miranda Rosin: I was in collision with an elk on Highway 1 on Feb. 28.

Call for blind reform unhelpful

Editor: I am writing to disagree with your recent editorial regarding the deaths last week. Many people were affected by these events. Sensationalizing and demanding blind reform is asinine and insensitive.

Do your part for the Earth

Editor: Dear Canmore, if you didn’t know it is Earth week and I think we should take better care of our Earth. Our Earth has so much garbage and if you look around you can see it full of junk.

Tragedy offers opportunity to reflect on driver safety

Editor: After 1.

Canmore organic pilot program good news for residents

Editor: Our local group, Canmore Organics Recycling (CORE), is writing to express our thanks to Canmore Town Council for its recent decision to implement a pilot project to divert organic waste from the landfill, starting this September, with five co

Better parking improvements needed for Banff

Editor: I am among the many who were quite shocked and disappointed at the amount of trees that were cut down for the intercept parking lot. I was at the train station a few years ago when the parking lot was announced.

Alberta needs electoral reform

Editor: I believe the NDP missed a historic opportunity and that is to initiate or implement electoral reform. Instead, they were too focussed on ideology.

What's in a name?

Editor: I want to nominate The Canmore Coal Train as a whizbang name for all the high school’s teams. Imagine the fear and respect in all the other towns when they hear the rumble and know the Coal Train’s on its way.

Disappointed with voter turnout in Canmore

Editor: It was very disappointing to learn that only 31 per cent or so of Canmorites took the time to vote last Tuesday (April 16). This according to polling information from Alberta Elections that I used.

NDP has delivered on the environment

Editor: Your recent editorials have fully captured the deep-rooted and science-based commitment of residents of Canmore to see their wildlife and large wilderness landscapes protected.