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Vox Populi

LETTER: Paid parking unfair to Bighorn residents

Editor: Living outside of Canmore’s boundaries, I don’t appreciate the Town of Canmore paid parking, especially the part where some revenues are being used to provide free Roam transit services in Canmore. The majority of the Roam budget already comes

LETTER: Greater density could impact wildlife

Editor: I consider any non-educational use of this property to be counter to the needs of young families in Canmore, and an assault on the current south Canmore residential and wildlife populations. This development will represent a loss of public

LETTER: Council, CRPS, could come together to increase affordable housing

Editor: We are writing to say that we wholeheartedly support an idea being floated by Bow Valley Engage for finding a creative solution to the need for high density affordable housing downtown on the Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) lands. We live

LETTER: Heritage building adds to character, history of Banff

Editor: Standing tall at the corner of Wolf and Muskrat in Banff, the rich scarlet red house with a broad porch, featuring white turned railings and decorative gables, is named the Kidney House.

LETTER: Time to challenge our growth mindset

Editor: A Feb. 11 article CBC article "Canmore among top 10 fastest growing small urban centres in Canada" noted “the most growth Canmore can sustainably handle is around six per cent annually – a figure from the town’s 1998 municipal development plan.”

LETTER: Potential rail project discussions ongoing

Editor: I am writing to respond to an editorial published in the Feb. 18 of the Outlook, Answers needed before train can leave the station. The thrust of the editorial and its accompanying illustration is misleading, including a reference that

LETTER: Encourage transit, walking, not e-bike rebate

Editor: In the Outlook's Feb. 10 article, "Banff caps e-bike price at $5,000 for eligibility in rebate program," it says the $40,000 rebate will help residents purchase 40 to 80 e-bikes. Mayor Corrie DiManno said she believed the rebate will be “wildly

LETTER: Voice frustration against COVID-19 instead

Editor: I can understand the frustration that has led to the convoys. It has been a long two years and COVID-19 isn't beaten yet. I am just as tired of it as most other people. I don't understand the cries of 'freedom', though. What is there to be

LETTER: Supportive of proposed development

Editor: I am writing to express my full support for the proposed Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) division development of various apartments and stacked townhomes around the Lawrence Grassi Middle School area.

LETTER: Rural Alberta threatened by education changes

Editor: As a rural Alberta raised girl, I know what it is like to have one school, one hospital, and a single RCMP detachment in the area, or perhaps a couple within a reasonable driving distance. We make do with the services we have in more remote