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Vox Populi

LETTER: Expect to see property prices increase

Editor: I would like to thank the Town of Canmore council and Bow Valley Engage for increasing the values of all existing and approved residential properties in Canmore. The defeat of the Three Sister's Mountain Village's applications removes a

LETTER: Neighbours in MD of Bighorn should be able to get Quarry Lake passes

Editor: Being a long-time resident of Canmore, I was disturbed by the letter Shirleen Burnett from Harvie Heights in the paper last week. Growing up in Canmore, residents from Harvey Heights, Exshaw and Lac Des Arcs were always a part of our

LETTER: Less access as tourists takeover

Editor: Sadly, Canmore residents will be giving up another easy access to fun recreation. TransAlta has closed off parking beside the reservoir close to town. For years, I have paddled up there in my kayak, as it was a 5 minute drive from my home,

LETTER: Please follow public health restrictions for COVID-19

Editor: I am writing this in response to the pandemic and how some people seem to be completely oblivious to the current situation. I find it very upsetting that people are ignoring the current restrictions in place. As I understand the current

LETTER: New intersection design concern

Editor: The new intersection at Railway Avenue and Bow Valley Trail certainly looks much better after re-construction. However, I am confused as to how the vehicle drivers will be able to see what the near-side signals indicate. I have stopped at the

LETTER: Growing pains

Editor: Jackson, Wyoming (Jackson Hole) is one of the biggest resort towns in U.S. It borders two national parks and world-class ski resorts much like Canmore. In 1994, it faced similar development pressures that Canmore is facing today.

LETTER: Canmore should include neighbouring communities in paid parking exemption

Editor: Life has been a challenge since the pandemic struck. There’s no place to go with international travel prohibited, local communities sending the message to stay away, restaurants closed and the economy decimated.
LETTER: Time for vision

LETTER: Time for vision

Watching and listening to Town council consider the Three Sisters Mountain Village area structure plan for Three Sisters Village has demonstrated a collective lack of vision, passion or foresight. While council members are very polite and respectful
LETTER: Hemochromatosis Awareness Month raises attention to the little-known disease

LETTER: Hemochromatosis Awareness Month raises attention to the little-known disease

Editor: May is Hemochromatosis Awareness Month in Canada.
LETTER: Where were the Good Samaritans?

LETTER: Where were the Good Samaritans?

Editor: When I was navigating from the road to the sidewalk on my bike on the link between Three Sisters Drive and the bridge, I fell.