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Vox Populi

LETTER: Next provincial government needs to stand up for Alberta

Editor: In regards to the letter “UCP’s focus on ‘sleight-of-hand’ in the Dec. 22 edition of the Outlook. Although I appreciate the author pointing out the incompetency of the ruling provincial party and its predecessors, I don’t find any trickery

LETTER: UCP's focus on 'sleight-of-hand'

Editor: Magicians are known for their sleight-of-hand abilities to manipulate reality so that their audiences believe what they want them to believe which is not real at all. The audience is amazed. Sadly, the UCP magicians are an incompetent and

LETTER: Thank you for attempting to curtail tax increase

Editor: In regards to “Banff Budget Talks Get Testy” in the Dec. 15 edition of the Outlook. Thanks very much to Couns. Ted Christensen and Hugh Pettigrew for bringing to Banff council a proposal to cap – for 2023 ­– the municipal tax increase at 5.4

LETTER: Proposed land swap a 'horse trade'

Editor: The motion by Banff council to approach Parks Canada – again – for land outside the Town’s legislated boundary for parking, is akin to a child repeatedly asking for something using different words. In this scenario, the Banff National Park

LETTER: Clarification needed on property taxes, cellphone bill

Editor: I was reading an article in the Dec. 3 Calgary Herald “Alberta mountain towns facing steep tax hikes as municipalities deal with outside pressures.” Canmore Mayor Sean Krausert was quoted as saying “the amount of taxes that I pay each month on

LETTER: Busy month for Banff superintendent

Editor: It must have been a very frustrating month for the superintendent of Banff National Park. First, the so-called release of the Tourism Master Plan which wasn’t really a plan but rather a series of ideas and a growth model, wrapped under the

LETTER: Parks Canada committed to emergency responses

Editor: In regards to the Outlook’s Dec. 1 article “Parks Canada ending road rescue contract with Banff Fire Department.” The Town of Banff Fire Department plays a key role in providing road rescue services in Kootenay National Park, including within

LETTER: Continuing to work on human-wildlife conflict vital for community

Editor: It is now December, the bears are well on their way to hibernation, and we reflect on another busy bear season in the Canmore area. Our WildSmart staffer Nick de Ruyter recently attended the Sixth International Human-Bear Conflict Workshop in

LETTER: Smith Sovereignty Act could be her undoing

Editor: Danielle Smith just gave Rachel Notley an early Christmas present-a big one. The Alberta Sovereignty Act. There is considerable concern about what this will look like. Will it impact investors and create a stumbling block in attracting more

LETTER: Sovereignty Act concerning legislation

Editor: Do we want to live in an Alberta where legislation can be changed by cabinet fiat? Where affected parties have little time to respond? Where your municipality can be punished by the province for enforcing federal laws? I have phoned and written