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Vox Populi

LETTER: Frustrated with decision-making process for Bear Street

Editor: Once again, the citizens of Banff have been presented with a fait accompli regarding the future of Bear Street. At the Dec.

LETTER: Thank you to Canmore's recreation staff

Editor: As a regular user of the Elevation Pool and the Canmore Rec Centre walking track, I want to give a thumbs-up to the staff of both town-run facilities for making me feel comfortable and safe during these COVID times.

LETTER: Thank you to day program staff

Editor: I would like to thank the staff of Banff/Canmore adult day Pprograms for their enthusiastic and ongoing support of our Bow Valley seniors. Pre-COVID, my 88-year-old father attended the program once a week at the Banff Health Unit.

LETTER: Targeted approach to COVID would have better results

Editor: Pareto’s principle loosely states that 80 per cent of results can be attributed to 20 per cent of the efforts.

LETTER: Shop local not the rallying cry you think it is

Editor: On the surface the edict of shopping locally appears correct, but it is a fallacy. Occasionally, I go to Calgary to shop for groceries and fuel for my vehicle, both at prices lower than Canmore.

LETTER: Teepee Town tourist homes a good thing for Second Avenue

Editor: I have been a resident of Canmore for 30 years and have raised my children here.

LETTER: CRPS should operate within its means, not develop land

Editor: I am very surprised to read that Carol Picard who has a history of socialist views and public criticisms of the Canmore business community would be behind plans to convert public school lands into residential housing.

LETTER: Thank you for the kind gesture

Editor: I thought I would try this avenue, to deliver my deep gratitude. Today I was at Save-on-Foods buying our family’s weekly groceries.

LETTER: Vox Populi from Dec. 10 full of 'rage-based partisan vitriol'

Editor: I rarely agree with the editorial positions of RMO , but I do look forward to reading each issue and considering perspectives that I may not share.

LETTER: Every tourist home is one less residence for locals

Editor: I have lived in Canmore for 15 years. In that time, I have seen a lot of friends and good families of our community leave due to the affordability issues in Canmore.