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Vox Populi

Re: Changing the Quarry Lake dog park

Editor: Living in the Bow Valley means living with wildlife. That calls for a careful balance that protects wildlife and their habitat while providing reasonable opportunities for people to live their lives here.

Letter: Letter writer misinformed about proposed paid parking in Banff

Editor : A letter in the Jan. 23 edition contained several inaccuracies about a parking management proposal in downtown Banff.

Letter: Helicopter tours don't align with declaring a climate change emergency

Editor: Now that the Town of Canmore has recognized the state of climate emergency and is "committed to taking meaningful action related to environmental stewardship" the time has come to take action if these are not to prove just hollow words.

Letter: If it's not broken, don't bother fixing it

Editor: We are about to lose a hidden gem within our wonderful little town. The Quarry Lake off-leash dog park in Canmore has been one of our greatest assets for so many years.

Letter: Rebuttal to letter writer

Editor: This is a riposte to Amy Herr's letter (Jan. 16) about my "Rasberries" discourse of Jan. 02, 2020. I am discouraged and angry.

Letter: When you live in the mountains, you must adapt to the climate

Editor: It is sad to read the article of the young lady who slipped on ice and suffered injuries in her fall. However, people need to accept some responsibility for themselves.

Letter: Concerned about changes to Bear Street capital project

Editor: The Rowan and Martin Laugh-In comedy show had a brief resurrection of their “Sock It To Me! Sock It To Me!” segment at the Dec.

Letter: Why approve more development when it is the cause of so many problems?

Editor: Yet again, residents are being asked to politely "partner" with more development as yet another major development is proposed for Harvie Heights and the Bow Valley.

Letter: Valley residents should not have to pay to park in Banff

Editor: One of the current proposals regarding this proposed pay parking policy is to allow Banff residents to park for free in areas that are not located downtown. But Banff residents will be charged to park downtown.

Letter: Thanks for supporting Songs for Shelter

Editor: Gratitude to all involved in the fifth annual Songs for Shelter in support of the Bow Valley's Emergency Women’s Shelter. In these times of world turmoil, it is heartwarming to see locals making a difference.