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Vox Populi

LETTER: Solution to sewage smell needs to be found

Editor: Regarding the article in the Sept. 15 Outlook , “Canmore residents cry foul over sewage stench”, I find Mayor Krausert’s comments woefully inadequate.

LETTER: Disappointed with Lake Louise transit

Editor: A friend and I recently visited the hamlet of Lake Louise and were staying at a hotel in the community. We tried on two consecutive days – a Sunday and Monday – to visit Moraine Lake, but the parking lot was full. We thought we would try the

LETTER: Learn from mistake and work together

Editor: I am a First Nations woman and a member of the Canmore LGBTQ2S+ community. I often get judged for who I am, often by people who don’t even know me.

LETTER: Pathway would be improvement for community

Editor: This is in response to those who have decided to try to stop a key piece of improvement along the West Bow River pathway. My wife and I are avid cyclists who try to use this pathway as much as possible from the Homesteads to downtown to go to

LETTER: Continue with work on West Bow River pathway

Editor: I am writing to disagree with the full page advertisement in the Sept. 8 Outlook that lobbies against paving the remainder of the West Bow River pathway. I encourage council to continue with its plans to widen it to 3.5 metres and pave it. This

LETTER: Be aware of reporting animal activity

Editor: We all love seeing wild animals and the best thing we can do is leave them alone and report where they are. It is good to let our communities know about local bear activity. It is equally important to help bears stay safe from harm.

LETTER: Invite to join Pride walk and inclusive community

Editor: Dear Jeff, It takes so much bravery to step forth and say "I was wrong. I am sorry." I thank you, from my heart, for your published apology. Yes, your words were hateful. I shed many tears that week and the next. But I would also like to speak

LETTER: Local choirs a community benefit

Editor: I was so happy to see the letters to the editor in the Sept. 1 Outlook about the Valley Winds choirs. As a member of the mixed choir, I can attest to the joy of joining voices to produce beautiful music and to the enthusiasm of the directors.

LETTER: Supporting Valbella's and learning from mistake

Editor: My name is Jakub and I used to work in Canmore at Valbella Gourmet Foods as a food service supervisor. I am gay but I never felt discrimination while I worked there. Quite the contrary. They offered me a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

LETTER: Business a good place to work

Editor: Thank you to Jeff von Rotz for his written apology following his email to Canmore Pride. This incident has caused sadness and hurt felt by many, including those of us who work at Valbella. Many people including my friends within the LGBTQ+