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Vox Populi

Letter: Canada only a small player on world stage when it comes to carbon

Editor: I submit that Canadians need to stop looking at our map and thinking "what a big beautiful country we have, we must be important." Well we do have a big beautiful country and it is largely empty.
Letter: My own Walk-A-Mile experience

Letter: My own Walk-A-Mile experience

Editor: Last month my wife and I spent 6 nights in Canmore, before flying to Phoenix to hike The Grand Canyon, and finally Las Vegas. I expected the madness to start in Vegas. How wrong I was.

Letter: Land swap a win for wildlife connectivity in the Bow Valley

Editor: It is good news that after 16 years of negotiation, the MD of Bighorn has signed an agreement with Alberta Environment and Parks to provide protected and safe connectivity between the south Bow Valley wildlife movement corridors, under the Tr

Letter: Instead of closing trails, consider banning dogs to avoid cougar encounters

Editor: Firstly, there are always cougars around. And bears. This is the wilderness, folks. What did you think it was – a Disneyland park of some kind? Someone happens to see a cougar, so they close the trail.

Letter: Research helps inform opinions on climate change

Editor: So, there were no “global warming problems" at the start of the industrial revolution according to Tom Duke? Perhaps a little historical perspective would help.

Letter: Basic economic theory could apply to pollution

Editor: In his letter to the Outlook of Oct.

Source of climate change being ignored

Editor: With the world wide climate change protests on last Friday (Sept. 27), and the young Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg making her world tour, everyone is now finally concerned with global warming.

Challenging ageist attitudes

Editor: I love being a senior. There are so many perks: discounts at the pharmacy, cheaper bus rides and haircuts, even a deal at the yoga studio. Believe it or not, many of us are more content than at any other time in our lives.

Yes, we are experiencing a climate crisis

Editor: To quote Neil deGrasse Tyson: “When citizens and politicians get to the point where they are arguing whether science is real. We have the beginnings of an uninformed democracy.

Letter: Organic diversion too much hype?

Editor: The launch of Canmore's organic waste program was an exuberant affair-perhaps a bit much so.