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Vox Populi

LETTER: Amending tourist home tax a start

Editor: I was happy to read in the April 28 Outlook that the tourist home taxation will face changes. I would like to thank Coun. Joanna McCallum, who brought forward the motion. My thoughts are this is a start, but I don’t think it would be enough.

LETTER: Grants to address root causes of systemic challenges

Editor: Banff Canmore Community Foundation (BCCF) 2022 community grants is the largest community-led grant program in the Bow Valley. The financial support of community-minded residents and businesses is channelled to projects with the greatest

LETTER: MD residents shut out by paid parking program

Editor: I was disheartened upon reading the news that Municipal District of Bighorn residents will now be considered tourists and will have to pay for their parking if they want to shop in downtown Canmore.

LETTER: Other methods to improve road and pedestrian safety

Editor: I wonder what members of Banff council were thinking when they decided to implement a town-wide speed limit of 30 km/h. Whatever it was, I hope Canmore councillors don’t do the same because I don’t think our citizens would appreciate being

LETTER: Please only drive on pavement when possible

Editor: My ask is for drivers to please drive on the pavement. When drivers drive on the gravel, they send up clouds of dust that cover everything. I live on Lady Macdonald Drive and our cars and home are completely covered in dust from the cars that

LETTER: Concerned about future of heritage home

Editor: Banff residents and visitors appreciate classic homes in the national park and yet return stricken to find them razed from an iconic symbol of stability and wellness to nothing more than cookie-cutter obtrusive structures. Is 328 Muskrat St.

LETTER: Concerns on Canmore paid parking

Editor: Weeks prior to the onset of the pandemic, another round of consultations related to paid parking in Canmore’s downtown core took place and many residents and business owners engaged with the Town of Canmore administration to dialogue about the

LETTER: The Kananaskis fee at work

Editor: It’s long past time to stop calling the Kananaskis “Conservation Pass” a conservation pass. It isn’t. It’s a hiking and bicycling fee, and it's not being invested in conservation. The government doubtless chose to call it a conservation pass

LETTER: Kenney circling the wagons

Editor: Premier Jason Kenney has been desperately circling his wagons, but will it be enough for him to retain his crown come April 9th? Despite his historically low approval ratings and polls showing the majority of Albertans want him out, Kenney st

LETTER: Canmore should consider Bow Valley pass for Quarry Lake

Editor: When the Town of Canmore originally implemented paid parking at Quarry Lake in 2021, there was an outcry from residents of neighbouring communities. The Town dutifully agreed to look into options for Bow Valley residents in the future. Now in