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Vox Populi

LETTER: Intersection is too confusing and impedes traffic flow

Editor: My wife and I fill-up on gas in Canmore roughly 50 to 100 times per year. On the Canada Day weekend, we went into town to check out a painting at a gallery and grab a bite. I have to say, the design for the new intersections for the main

LETTER: Banff punishing vehicles by lowering speed limits

Editor: After reading an article in the paper, I wanted to send a letter so everyone can read my opinion on what the Town of Banff is proposing for the 30 kilometre-an-hour speed limit bylaw.

LETTER: Thank you from residents of Mount Edith House

Editor: The residents of Mount Edith House in Banff would like to express a sincere appreciation to the following: Hugh Pettigrew, on behalf of The Canadian Legion in Banff for the new Canadian flag and its pole on our grounds and the Rotary Club for

LETTER: Bike and pedestrian infrastructure an important link

Editor: For years I've found it challenging to navigate on foot or bike across the Benchlands Trail overpass and the nearby intersection with Bow Valley Trail. Bike and foot traffic in both directions were forced to share a skinny sidewalk on one side

LETTER: Concerned about potential costs for landscaping near intersection

Editor: I read, with interest the letters published in the June 30 edition of the Outlook that described concerns about Canmore’s new intersection. I agree with Roger Warren’s opinion that “rarely has so much poor planning, conducted by so few,

LETTER: Taxpayers should educate themselves on the budget prior to the upcoming election

Editor: The Outlook's reporting on the Town of Canmore's preparation for it's 2022 budget, and the instructions to town administrators to keep budget increases to no more than 5 per cent should alarm every taxpayer in this community. Why isn't the

LETTER: New intersection is increasing traffic delays

Editor: The dust has settled, exposing the new Canmore traffic plan as an abject failure. Instead of reducing traffic congestion – the Town of Canmore has increased it – a most amazing feat. Bizarrely, they have sacrificed the smooth running of

LETTER: Say no to the province's draft curriculum

Editor: “What does it say?” my grandson asks, as he looks at the chalked message beside the mailbox. I reply, “It says, ‘Protect your children. Refuse the Draft Curriculum.’” “What does that mean?” he asks. I pause and then say, “There are people who

LETTER: Thank you to our rescuers, locals for assistance

Editor: I went heavy bush hiking near Gap Lake June 3rd and I ran into a large grizzly that was about 10 to 20 yards away.

LETTER: Wondering about the new intersection

Editor: Have you wondered why – as we strive so hard to build new bike paths, wider sidewalks and narrow, crooked roads coming into town to accommodate and impress the visitors flocking in – would it be too much to ask for a little street and alley maintenance in the rest of town for those paying all the bills?