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Vox Populi

LETTER: Response to fearful attitude toward testing site

Editor: I wish to address the fears created by the July 23 letter from Mr. Levy. First, there is no threat to public health. The testing that is done involves a pharyngeal swab. This procedure does not create airborne droplets.

LETTER: Outlook coverage of fatal rollover provides insight into emergency response

Editor: What an amazing, factual explanation of a horrific accident. No victims involved in this rollover could have been in better hands than those that facilitated this response. You explained this in detail – well done.

LETTER: Cyclists in pedestrian zone of Banff Avenue not cool

Editor: I must have missed the social media posting that Town of Banff bylaws now permit adults to ride their bicycles on Banff sidewalks.

LETTER: Offended by cartoon that satirizes mask debate

Editor: The editorial cartoon appearing in Volume 20, Issue 30 of the vultures musing on mask wearing is deeply offensive and completely inappropriate.

LETTER: Mandating face coverings in Canmore during COVID-19 encouraged

Editor: With the COVID-19 pandemic having a resurgence in Alberta as of late, we strongly encourage Town Council to adopt a mandatory mask bylaw at their special meeting on Aug. 4.

LETTER: An ode to Tunnel Mountain

Editor: I go up and I go down. I love this mountain. Sitting at 1 692 meters, she certainly isn’t our biggest mountain. Compared to Cascade she is about half the height! However she seems to create a bit of gumption in all of us.

LETTER: More enforcement, respect for Quarry Lake needed

Editor: On the evening of July 12, I walked around Quarry Lake and this what I saw: The sign reminding everyone of physical distancing was tossed aside; Paper plates floating in the water; A Ziploc bag bobbing in the shallow water; A plastic food con

LETTER: Local testing for COVID-19 integral to managing pandemic locally

Editor: I want to express my sincerest thanks to our local medical colleagues, and community in general, during this unprecedented time.

LETTER: COVID-19 testing site puts others at risk

Editor: A COVID-19 testing station for asymptomatic persons is a good idea, as is a decision to locate one for the Bow Valley in Canmore.

LETTER: Thank you for the 'slow down' signs

Editor: My heart felt thanks to a local business, Property Guys, who have provided free slow down signs for our poor beleaguered laneway.