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Vox Populi

Don't speed if you don't want a ticket

Editor: Eliminating photo radar. Are you kidding? If you are concerned about it, don’t speed. It is the perfect user pay tax.

More development in Peaks of Grassi compounds past errors

Editor: In November 2005, Steve Donelon, who retired in 2018 as assistant deputy minister for Alberta Parks and former mayor Glen Craig expressed concern to interested conservation groups about the serious mistake made by locating the Peaks of Grassi
Wildlife mitigation needed for TCH

Wildlife mitigation needed for TCH

Editor: I was the driver of the vehicle shown in the photograph accompanying the article. I was the lone occupant. I am writing to you because the headline does little to convey the trauma I experienced, or continue to go through.

Settlement agreement should be honoured

Editor: In the Feb. 2 edition of the Outlook, Paul Clarke wrote about the public hearing into the rezoning proposed for the Peaks of Grassi neighbourhood of Canmore.

Hibernating bears need peace and quiet

Editor: I am a backcountry skier. There is nothing like standing on top of a wind blown ridge, over-looking the vast expanse of peaks and valleys, in anticipation of dropping onto the slope below for the ski down.

Land swap between Bighorn and Alberta Parks welcome news

Editor: The report that the MD of Bighorn and the Government of Alberta have reached a tentative agreement for a land swap that would safeguard a vital wildlife movement corridor in the area of Dead Man’s Flats is welcome news.

More to mass transit in the valley than budgets

Editor: I hope the feasibility study into public transportation in the Bow Valley offers a lot more than some thoughts on costs.

Derailment involving oil cars a concern

Editor: Picture this: instead of 99 grain cars spilling into the Kicking Horse River, there were 99 crude oil cars. The spilled oil would be spread over a couple of hundred kilometres of river, maybe more, before the flowing oil contained.

Council right to postpone Peaks rezoning

Editor: Council’s decision to delay second reading on the Peaks of Grassi development until March 19 was exactly right.

Be heard on Banff’s woonerf

Editor: This is not a letter of opinion to the editor. Rather, it is a letter of encouragement to all of those people interested in the Banff Bear Street “woonerf” project.