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Vox Populi

Letter: Paid parking puts the brakes on tourism economy

Editor: What gets lost for me in the discussion about paid parking in Canmore and creating a residential parking permit program is the fact that our economy is driven by tourism.

Letter: Paid public parking part of climate change action picture

Editor: Congratulations to the Towns of Banff and Canmore for moving ahead with paid parking proposals intended to reduce traffic congestion and associated greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe), while protecting residential parking.
Letter: Thank you to all who attended Gerry Stephenson's celebration of life

Letter: Thank you to all who attended Gerry Stephenson's celebration of life

Editor: We would first like to thank everyone who was able to attend the celebration of life for Canmore's beloved Gerry Stephenson. It seemed as if half the town of Canmore was there, and it would have thrilled Gerry.

Letter: UCP's 'fair deal' guaranteed to backfire

Editor: As you so rightly pointed out in your Nov. 14 editorial, the ideas of the so called “new” Fair Deal Panel “have not only already been rejected by a past commission, but they would require the creation of three entirely new bureaucratic institutions requiring untold amounts of taxpayers dollars to do so." 

Letter: Thank you to Lake Louise RCMP

Editor: I have a heartwarming thing to share. I am a hitchhiker and I travel frequently between home in the Okanagan and Calgary. So, I'm coming back home from Calgary Saturday (Nov.

Letter: Unfortunate errors in Christmas in the Mountains

Editor: I have a dear friend who just lost her son so I appreciated the article on page 11 of the Christmas in the Mountains feature "When the holidays don’t feel so joyful: how to deal with grief during December.

Letter: RMO editorial just 'your opinion'

Editor: We checked out Canmore on the weekend, and I grabbed a copy of the RMO. I was surprised to see the position your paper had taken on the Fair Deal Panel that the UCP are creating.

Letter: Free transit part of climate change action for Canmore

Editor: As the 2019 fare-free transit period in Canmore is set to end, I am glad to see the proposal to continue free transit is on the table.

Letter: Banff Centre welcomes feedback on diversity

Editor: The Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival welcomes feedback such as the published letter to the Rocky Mountain Outlook last week. I am grateful for the positive remarks regarding our opening night Climbing Through Barriers program.

Letter: Air monitoring welcome in the valley

Editor: Re: Air Monitoring in the Bow Valley The Bow Valley Clean Air Society (BVCAS) is very pleased that we now have a portable air monitoring unit in the Bow Valley.