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Vox Populi

LETTER: Excellent summary of the year in review

Editor: I just want to commend the Outlook for your annual summary of the Bow Valley in the Dec. 30, 2021 edition. Along with all the amazing photos, it provides a great overview that I read through every year. Thank you for your detailed coverage of

LETTER: Opposed to new townwide Banff speed limit

Editor: I am very disappointed in the bylaw being passed for a townwide 30km/h speed limit in Banff. I am not here to bash Town council and Banff administration. I understand the decision has been made and there were different votes on this issue and

LETTER: Longtime popular restaurant will be missed

Editor: In our 24 years in Canmore, we have often been asked "Where's a good place to eat?" With happy confidence, we've always answered "There's no bad food in Canmore. You can't go wrong!" In truth, we could have added, and often did, that we had

LETTER: A very brief overview of TSMV, the 1992 NRCB decision report and Town planning decisions

Editor: Both the Three Sisters lands and the 1992 Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) decision have a long and complex history in Canmore. I’d like to broaden the scope of history beyond the information in the Dec. 23 Outlook and bring forward

LETTER: Three Sisters Mountain Village lawsuit a great opportunity for the Bow Valley

Editor: The Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) lawsuit against the Town of Canmore is a major breakthrough in the emotional impasse between the people of Canmore and an unwanted development in our town. TSMV has now signalled it is willing to stop

LETTER: Closed door bylaw should be considered for Bow Valley communities

Editor: A closed-door bylaw should be considered – not just in Banff but also in Canmore – to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It is very easy to fret about the obvious manifestations of climate change such as extreme weather events and wildfires, but it

LETTER: More PCR tests are needed

Editor: The provincial government has recently decided that rather than taking a PCR test, people experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should instead be testing at home with kits "available for all Albertans." The obvious problem is these kits are extremely

LETTER: Landlords should be more understanding of tenants and pets

Editor: I have been a long-time resident of the Bow Valley, but owning pets has forced me out. Landlords should consider tenants with pets on a case-by-case basis instead of automatically saying no before they have even learned more about the potential

LETTER: Please dispose of garbage, recycling and compost properly

Editor: I encountered recycling, garbage and compost left outside the bins at the corner of 7th Ave and 4th Street on Dec. 30. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-time occurrence. Although it is the first time I’ve encountered multiple compost bags left at

LETTER: Money could help affordable housing for seniors

Editor: In a recent Outlook article, it was stated that for 2023, Banff council had given tentative approval for evaluations of exclusive north-bound transit lanes for Spray Avenue and Mountain Avenue. The cost would be $60,000 for approximately