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Vox Populi

Letter: Raspberries, or how I saved the planet

Editor: The news media is awash with predictions of the demise of the planet Earth due to prolific energy use, pollution, climate change, waste management, etc. so I have set out to save our planet.

Letter: In support of Coun. Peter Poole

Editor: I totally support Councillor Peter Poole, he is a decent, charming man whom I feel sure would never do anything untoward to jeopardize his or the remaining council's status in the community.

Letter: Increase to Canmore's municipal property taxes unwarranted

Most local family budgets don't have the ability to support run-away spending at the rate approved by this council.

Letter: Paid parking will push residents out of town to shop

Editor: There has been some concern shown by permanent residents in regards to the paid parking issue.

Letter: Christmas advertisement was humourous

Editor: I thought the Peak Painting advertisement was humorous. No need to crucify them for it.

Letter: Stop parking in the fire lanes

Editor: Just wanted to remind everyone about those lanes that are in front of places like Safeway and Save-On-Foods, and a few others. These are called Fire Lanes. They are there so that emergency vehicles can get there in the case of emergencies.

Letter: Thanks for helping

Editor: I drive a plow truck as a profession. I would like to thank everyone in Hubman Landing for helping me to get going. The snow was heavy, wet and very deep. I went to turn around at the end of the cul-de-sac and got stuck.

Letter: Kenney's true colours on display

Editor: The true colours of Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney are now revealed. We now have a premier with draconian policies that are attacking our Democracy.

Letter: Slowing down benefits everyone

Editor: In June 2019, Community Cruisers launched a campaign to advocate for 30-km/h speed limits where people live, work, shop and play in Canmore and Banff.

Letter: Apologies for inappropriate advertising content

Editor: Last week we ran an advertisement that, in an attempt in a bit of edgy humour, was unintentionally hurtful and offensive to some Outlook readers. We are truly sorry.