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Vox Populi

LETTER: Transit should look at visitor fee

Editor: The article about the proposed Banff Avenue pedestrian zone in 2022 and 2023 in the Dec. 16 Outlook, contains, inter alia, the comment that Banff’s governance and finance committee has tentatively approved “free transit for Banff residents on

LETTER: Questions remain on potential rail overpass

Editor: The Dec. 2 Outlook article, "CP Rail prefers multi-million dollar overpass to prevent illegal crossings," states in a non-COVID-19 year up to 7,500 illegal pedestrian movements occur across CP's Rail line each month. Depending on how a month is

LETTER: Sexual harassment in the military is unfortunately not new

Editor: Sexual harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces is nothing new. As a new recruit in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I had my breasts grabbed. When I was stationed in Moncton, N.B., I had sexual remarks made during meal lineups. When I was married

LETTER: Happy to see e-bikes allowed on some backcountry trails

Editor: It was with great elation that I read Banff National Park now allows for pedal-assisted electric bikes on a couple of backcountry trails. Like many of us, I’ve been an avid recreationalist in the Bow Valley for decades – hiking, biking,

LETTER: Skip Netflix and celebrate festive spirit in the Bow Valley

Editor: Following last week’s letters commending the Town of Banff’s creative outdoor event “In Search of the Spirit of Christmas” and “Thank you” from grassroots gratitude author Lorraine Widmer-Carson, I would like to add my gratitude for the amazing

LETTER: Thank you for reading, Bow Valley

Editor: This letter is a thank you note to the Rocky Mountain Outlook for being a community newspaper and for offering me the gift of column space for the past 30 months. Thirty months of writing; six hundred words per column; eighteen thousand words of

LETTER: Thank you for appealing Christmas festivities

Editor: People from all over the world dream of coming to Banff someday. That dream would exceed their wildest expectations if they came at this time of year and attended the "In Search of the Spirit of Christmas." Snow had been falling for most of

LETTER: Industrial area location issue with illegal rail crossings

Editor: I don't understand how Parks Canada ever have allowed the Town of Banff to develop Banff's industrial area where it is currently located. For a pedestrian, to legally travel from the Banff Industrial Area into the town, it requires a person to

LETTER: Much done to improve accessibility for all people

Editor: Dec. 3 is the United Nations International Day Of People With Disabilities. I would like to acknowledge Canmore's steps toward accessibility. The Pine Tree players now have a described audio service and sign language interpreters. Some of our

LETTER: Residential streets should not become the new Banff Avenue

Editor: Congratulations to the mayor and councillors on their recent successful election. Please manage our beloved town for all citizens, not just businesses.