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How to Make the Most of Your Time on Campus

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There are many activities and ways you can spend time on a college campus

Having a degree or college diploma opens up doors for your career, but the post secondary experience is about more than education. Here are activities and offers that maximize your time, help you learn new skills, and expand your social circle while on campus.

Social clubs

From book clubs to the robotics team, choir to debate, there are plenty of clubs to join on campus. Moving away from home and going to school can be isolating and lonely. Joining a club filled with people that share your interests is a great way to affordably indulge your hobbies and passions while making friends.


Being active is important, but between commuting to school, classes, and homework, who has the time? Automating time into your day for exercise by joining a sports team is a great way to get the exercise you need. You don’t need to qualify for the college team and hope to get scouted by pros! Check out floor hockey, volleyball nights, and other casual sports that get you moving while being social.

Field trips

Ski trips, outings to attractions, or weekends away for special events are fun, but have another upside – affordability. Students are often low on cash; getting to go off campus for a trip is a nice break, especially when the college or university has bought up group tickets at a discounted rate. This brings the costs down dramatically, so you can enjoy a trip, enjoy a new activity, or visit a special museum/monument at a fraction of the cost you would normally have to pay.

Alumni associations

The benefits of campus life don’t end with graduation. Your alumni association supports you in many ways: organizing reunions and events, providing scholarships and networking opportunities to grow your career, etc. Alumni associations also provide discounts on associates’ products and services. The alumni association is always on the lookout for graduates that have become successful in their field of study, so you may be interviewed for the alumni’s publication (for example, NAIT’s TechLifeToday). This kind of exposure is great for your career (and confidence)!


What? Insurance? Yes! Life, health, and automobile insurance is expensive but necessary. Several insurance carriers offer discounts to students or alumni of major post-secondary institutions. When you get a quote, ask if you qualify for this discount. Not only can you get your insurance at a lower rate, you may be able to lock in that rate to stay low during the formative years of your career. Spending a little on insurance now can save you a lot in coverage later on. Remember to have the agent or broker fully explain the terms of your insurance contract, as every carrier has different policies and rules about their coverage.

Beautiful grounds and study spaces

Most campuses are designed to be walkable, incorporate art, and have cosy nooks and spaces for gathering, studying, and strolling. Take advantage of this. A short walk between classes, taking time to rest and contemplate art, having a quiet library to study in – these are all self-care things that you can do for free.

Jobs fairs

Companies love to hire fresh talent with current, relevant training. When your post-secondary institution puts on a career fair, attend. You’ll be face-to-face with employers that value your skills. Show how proactive you are by having a business card or resume ready to hand out.

These are just some of the ways your time on campus can be used efficiently, beyond getting your degree. When you check out where you’d like to go for higher education, also check out the many other opportunities that are waiting for you on campus.