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Cats at the hardware store part of small town character

Editor: I was saddened and angry when I read last week that Molly and Jazzy, whom I consider two of my favourite furry feline friends, had to be evicted due to the complaints from an individual(s) who called in the health inspector to have them removed. 

I’ve lived in Canmore since 2004 and have always enjoyed my visits to Home Hardware seeing the cats lounging around in their various perches and cozy places, always ready for a tummy rub, or scratch behind the ears. 

It was kind of like retail pet therapy. 

Molly and Jazzy added a homey, small-town friendly touch to the store – something that is increasingly missing in Canmore as it continues to grow, stifling its residents with more rules, more signs, more fences and such. 

The person(s) who did this could have simply taken their business on over to the big hardware store down the street right? 

But no, they had to stick their busy body noses into an issue that frankly wasn’t one and have two lovely animals taken away from the store owners, employees and customers who loved them. 

Donna Scott,