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LETTER: Unfairly pigeonholed for past work

Editor: In Canmore, it seems, it’s not who you are, but what you were that counts. Recently I had reason to comment on an issue in two Facebook groups.


In Canmore, it seems, it’s not who you are, but what you were that counts. 

Recently I had reason to comment on an issue in two Facebook groups. In one, an administrator, said “I suspect the Ex BOWDA [Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association] director will have little sympathy for our cause.” 

I wasn’t commenting on their “cause,” but on the way their “cause” was expressed. 

In the other, Wade Graham said: “You and your actions are one of the big reasons this town is in this mess” and later “that as an ex-founding member of BOWDA, your actions are what have seriously jeopardized the future of Canmore and the wildlife that you ignored for a few dollars in your pocket”.

Now, in response to my email to council about the level of noise on Elk Run Boulevard from the heavy machinery continuously beating past my house to the Cougar Creek construction project, Councillor Joanna McCallum, along with a crude remark, stated: “I would expect as the former UDI [Urband Development Institute] executive director you would be pleased to hear the hum of construction in your backyard." 

My skin is not thin, nor am I ashamed or embarrassed by my former work with UDI/BOWDA. I am offended, however, that some people think every opinion I hold is coloured entirely by that work. 

In this instance both the anti-development and pro-development forces have aligned in dismissing any concern I might have based on work I did more than a decade ago.

Council proposed to Alpine Helicopters that they again revamp their operations, or even consider moving them out of Town. This is a business they do not own, but which creates noise that some residents find offensive. 

When it comes to noise from an activity they do own – the construction of the debris retention structure – then that noise is dismissed as “the hum” by Coun. McCallum – the only one I’ve heard from since my email of June 1.  

This is an election year. I’ve been keeping a list and will update it regularly until then.

Susan Barry,