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Canmore’s paid parking roll out for June 1 may be delayed as result of COVID-19

“[Rolling out paid parking] at this time would be sending the wrong message."
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Paid parking for downtown Canmore may be put on hold as COVID-19 continues to have dire impacts on the communtiy. RMO FILE PHOTO

CANMORE – A paid parking system meant to roll out in June may be delayed as a result of COVID-19

In a presentation to council on Tuesday (April 7), the Town of Canmore discussed alternative options for the new system, including holding off the roll out entirely and maintaining the system as is for 2020. 

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting town centre businesses and community visitation is it expected that the impact of businesses and parking demand will continue throughout 2020,” said Leif Godberson, an engineering intern for the Town.

“The primary goal of a parking strategy was to ensure parking availability during peak times. This summer with occupancies not expected to exceed 80 per cent utilization on a consistent basis, this isn't anticipated to be an issue.”

Godberson recommended that council maintain the parking system as is for 2020 rather than the alternative, which would be a partial roll out. 

“Maintaining the current system as is would include completing the work to develop the system and completing the capital procurement process,” said Godberson.

“Existing time restrictions would continue to be enforced and the residential parking permit system would not be implemented Maintaining the current system as is would have the least impact on the public and businesses.”

A final decision will come to council in May, however, councillors expressed support for maintaining the system as is, with Mayor John Borrowman calling it a “really well-advised idea.” 

“[Rolling out paid parking] at this time would be sending the wrong message,” said Borrowman.  

Paid parking was set to roll out June 1, however, impacts of COVID-19 have required reassessments.

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