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Commentary: Federal funding for Exshaw School students highlights long-standing inequity

All three parties – CRPS, SEA and ISC – are set to meet together this week. Whether they can reach an agreement on behalf of the students is not clear. What is clear is that SEA must negotiate equivalent levels of funding to not only maintain status quo with Exshaw School over the long term but to enhance service delivery as well. Equality for Indigenous children should be the objective.

Commentary: The Philanthropy Project gets ready for lift-off

In small groups, we challenged each other about our interpretation and notions related to philanthropy. We agreed the word was not well understood, and many remained convinced that philanthropy means "large gifts of money."

Commentary: The inherent pathway to effective First Nations governance

First Nations are aware that the Indian Act perpetuates governance problems and that meaningful change is virtually impossible to make under this law. They recognize that their inherent right can be a pathway to effective governance.

Commentary: Why public schools matter

Universal access to publicly-funded healthcare is a source of national pride and a social policy that Canadians are willing to go to great lengths to defend.

Commentary: The season of wonder and gratitude

This Christmas season, Santa suggests that each of us recruit the talents of a network that is trustworthy, grateful and optimistic. Choose to spend time with courageous, generous and grateful people, because young super-heroes need role models who demonstrate honesty, kindness and positive ways to give back and be grateful.
Commentary: Exshaw School must be saved

Commentary: Exshaw School must be saved

"Every fiber of my being says we need to keep that school as it is – it is so successful as a launching pad to life. And in my head I think – is this not what Truth and Reconciliation is supposed to achieve."

Commentary: Unappreciated warriors: Indigenous military contributions to Canada

Although their military contributions have been unappreciated by the country they fought for, Indigenous people’s spiritual connection and love for their ancestral territories remains unbroken. Indigenous warriors continue to be enlisted in the military and will gladly fight for Canada when called upon to do so.
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Remembering kindness in November

Nov. 11 is Remembrance Day and Nov. 15 is Canada’s National Philanthropy Day. This year, let’s celebrate both – with intention and with spontaneity. Take time to be kind.

Commentary: Bill 14, opportunity or setback for First Nations?

The climate crisis provides an opportunity for First Nations to build their economies through renewable energy and other eco-friendlier projects. This would allow them to maintain their traditional ecological values while becoming financially independent at the same time.