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VagaBlonde Rod Stewart Tribute show at Banff Legion

Vic Vaga, professional celebrity impersonator, is bringing Vegas to the mountains with his Rod Stewart Tribute Show to the Banff Legion this Saturday (Sept. 7)

BANFF – Vic Vaga is bringing a taste of his Las Vegas production to the mountains with his Rod Stewart Tribute Show.

On Saturday (Sept. 7), Vaga will be performing his VagaBlonde Rod Stewart Tribute to the Banff Legion for his Royal Canadian Legion Tour. Throughout the night, Vaga will be bringing to life some of Rod Stewart’s classic songs from his '70s and '80s repertoire.

“Believe it or not, this goes back to a Halloween joke in 1990," Vaga said. "It was a Halloween joke. I was in college back then and the sorority girls were always making fun of me because of my look and I resented it.

“But I decided to dress up, Halloween night 1990, as Rod [Stewart]. I went to a fraternity party and the rest is history. My whole life changed, it was a good night.”

What started off as a running gag in Vaga’s college years, later on turned into a full-time impersonation career, leading him to performing on the Las Vegas strip.

As a tribute artist, Vaga said he enjoys bringing back nostalgic moments to audiences. Songs can evoke memories from people’s past and that’s why impersonators thrive.

“That’s why the tribute industry has really flourished because if you get a good tribute artist out there, look alike or what not, and they’re doing something well, they’re bringing back memories. They’re bringing back memories and fun times for people who are in the audience,” said Vaga.

Stewart’s music also speaks to listeners everywhere, Vaga added. His music relates to lighter topics like going out to party and on a more serious note, to love, relationships and heartbreak.

For Vaga, two of his favourite Rod Stewart songs are “Killing of Georgie” and “I Was Only Joking.” As a teenager, Vaga always loved not only Rod Stewart’s music, but also his attitude and his style.

“It’s not difficult for me to impersonate [Rod Stewart] because I was already a clown, you know. I was already a cocky clown growing up, so when the job application opened up, I filled it well. As Rod says, ‘I wore it well.’ Vic Vaga, he wears it well,” Vaga said.

Doors open to VagaBlonde Rod Stewart Tribute show at 7 p.m. with the show starting at 8 p.m. on Saturday (Sept. 7) at the Banff Legion. In support of the veterans association, a portion of the ticket sales will be donated back to the Banff Legion.

For tickets and information, visit or call the Banff Legion at 403-762-2550.