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Bear Aware

Fish and Wildlife officers with rifles and telemetry gear search for bear 148 under the powerline near Peaks of Grassi in Canmore, Monday (July 3). The bear was trapped later that night and has been moved to Banff National Park.

Downtown bear

A two-year-old male black bear stares down from a tree in downtown Canmore, Saturday (Sept. 3). Seen here near 7th Ave. and 2nd St., the bruin had been spotted wandering throughout the neighbourhood, and was eventually tranquilized and removed.
Black bear relocated

Black bear relocated

A food-conditioned black bear that had been making the rounds in Canmore, Harvie Heights and Dead Man’s Flats in search of human food and garbage has been relocated out of the area.

Grizzly eats black bear

While grizzly bears in Banff National Park typically have a vegetarian diet interspersed with the odd elk and moose dinner, last week, a 600 pound grizzly called bear 122 added a twist to its menu – black bear.

Grizzly bear charges hiker

A lone hiker had a lucky escape after he surprised a female grizzly bear and her cub along the Lake Minnewanka shoreline trail in Banff National Park Sunday morning (June 3).

Bear trees Banff guide

One of North America’s top mountaineers was stalked by a grizzly bear for about 300 metres and chased up a tree as he guided a client in the Lake Louise area of Banff National Park.

Predatory black bear destroyed

CATHY ELLIS BANFF It’s been a deadly week for wildlife in the mountain national parks.

Hibernating bear woken

It’s not something skiers expect to stumble across while ski touring in the backcountry of Banff National Park at this frigid time of year – a hibernating black bear huddled beneath a tree.

Bear 71 wins again

Bear 71, said judges of the Favourite Website Award (FWA), is the gold-standard example of interactive digital filmmaking that “got it right.

Tunnel Mountain bear trapped

Parks Canada trapped and collared an adult female black bear on the weekend to track her movements after she got into human food or garbage at Tunnel Mountain Campground and a nearby resort.