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Hate will never make things better – especially politics

If you find yourself dismayed and exhasperated at the tone of discourse surrounding the 2019 Canadian federal election – you are not alone

National Newspaper Week recognizes the importance of community journalism

Businesses in the Bow Valley understand the value of advertising in the Outlook and we hope they realize that it not only provides them an opportunity to reach our readers, but they are also supporting journalism and this community newspaper as a result

Recovery begins when you acknowledge there is a problem

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. It seems like a simple piece of advice and when we look around, as residents of this valley, province, country and planet, clearly there are those who have had the courage to take it.
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Feds must answer for Indigenous student funding changes

Life is full of unintended consequences, but it is no excuse for failing to take action and fix mistakes once they come to light. Take the situation the Canadian Rockies Public School division currently finds itself in.
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial: When it comes to Canadian elections, Machiavelli would be proud

Niccolo Machiavellii is famed for coining the term "the ends justify the means" in his 16th century treatise The Prince. When it comes to those who covet power and control over our country, its message that results matter more than playing by the rules is a cautionary tale for our times. 

Editorial: A mea culpa to the Vox Populi

There are only two people in this world that on a regular basis are written formal letters – Santa Claus and the editors of every newspaper that accepts and publishes Letters to the Editor.
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial: Addiction-based harm reduction is not enabling

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with the Bow Valley? Since in this part of the province we do not have a supervised consumption site for those struggling with the disease of addiction, and neither is one proposed. But as human beings, and residents of this province, we shouldn’t be so arrogant as to assume this issue does not affect us all and very likely someone we know and love.