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On track for a different transportation future

It may be quiet and slow, but there is a revolution occurring when it comes to our transportation systems locally, regionally and nationally.

Political sideshows a cautionary tale

Buyer beware – that should really be the 2019 provincial election tag line because as Albertans we are definitely being bamboozled by one roadside political sideshow or another.

Ten years later, Parks faces more challenges in Banff

Parks Canada is mandated by law to have a management plan in place for all of its national parks and Banff is about to get a brand new one – something worth getting involved in as an entire Bow Valley community.

Pilot projects worth the public investment

Each year the Town of Canmore invests money into the transportation network of the community.

If Canmore needs a better ER, where's AHS?

There is no question that Canmore residents support and value their local hospital – over the years the community has stepped up in various ways to elevate the services offered at the hospital.

Is Parks Canada negotiating in good faith?

It appears that Parks Canada has played its trump card in the ongoing saga of Sunshine Village’s ski area guidelines.

Mountain Haven's transition a loss to lower-income

It is disappointing for anyone who has followed the housing issues in Canmore for the past four decades to see the Mountain Haven Cooperative Homes project ultimately fail to deliver on its mandate.

No, you don't have to hit rock bottom

Every single person who loses their life as a result of addiction, no matter what substance they are dependent upon, is a preventable death.

Action on wildlife coexistence won't be easy

If addressing the human-wildlife coexistence issue the communities of the Bow Valley have been struggling with was easy, we would have fixed the problem already. But it is not easy.

Olympics, cannabis and bears oh my!

Well, that’s it for 2018 folks, and what a full 365 days it was for the residents of the Bow Valley.