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Bounty or bear attractant?

Walking through a neighbourhood where one spots a tree in full fall splendour, with leaves turning colour and ripening fruit, sun kissed and juicy, hanging plentifully from its branches, a person may be humbly struck by the bounty of Mother Nature in

Lend a hand with bear proofing

While skies are smoky once again, and ash may be falling out of the atmosphere at times, there’s no avoiding the fact that, as least as far as bears go, we’re nearing the end of summer.

No controlling Mother Nature

If nothing else, events this week show that despite mankind’s best efforts to regulate all aspects of life, Mother Nature won’t be controlled.

Decorum key to civil society

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but that has to be one of the worst ways to lubricate public process in a civil society.

Where there's smoke, there's fire

Smoke is in the air and that means there’s a fire burning somewhere. So when you live in a location like the Bow Valley, surrounded by pine and spruce forests, you can’t help but be a bit nervous as the air takes on a dusty tinge and smell.

Bear cubs circuitous journey

What a long, strange trip it’s been for three black bear cubs orphaned in Banff National Park.
Transit works best as a public service

Transit works best as a public service

It came as no surprise that bus company Greyhound threw in the towel in Western Canada this week.

Sticks on the ice, Eagles need our help

The Canmore Eagles are flying into a tough 2018-19 hockey season. Their organization was given marching orders by town council to get their financial nest in order.

Remember the brighter side of the 2013 flood

No doubt at times in the last week or so, June rains had area residents recalling those dark days of 2013, when precipitation seemed immeasurable and mountain creek floodwaters full of debris blasted their way to the Bow River.

Time has come for change to provincial wildlife policies

The time has come for provincial wildlife managers to take a critical look at their policies and change them to reflect a more current and multi-jurisdictional approach to managing species like grizzly bears in places like the Bow Valley.