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Editorial: How do we get through this crisis? Together

COVID-19 is both global and individual in its effect and reach. But more than at any other time in our history, as Canadians and a community we need to come together to support each other.
Commentary: All fear, all the time

Commentary: All fear, all the time

"Fear of the unknown. It’s the reason people are hoarding toilet paper and other supplies. It’s not because they’re crazy, it’s because they’re afraid. When there are so many uncertainties and things we can’t control, our nature is to look for anything we can control."

Editorial: Time to recognize Alberta has a revenue problem

For a place like the Bow Valley, which has an economy based on tourism and travel, the current situation is a double whammy

Letter: McDougall Church land should return to the Stoney people

Editor: I wish to add my comments to the discussion regarding the McDougall Church. I was the judge primarily responsible for the administration of justice on the Stoney Indian Reserve at Morley for nearly 20 years.

Letter: Municipal heliport supports local economy, public safety

Editor: With regards to helicopter noise, I too am not a fan of when STARS Air Ambulance is flying directly over my house in Cougar Creek. But I accept it because they are picking up critically ill or injured patients from the Canmore or Banff Hospitals.

Commentary: Grit, gratitude and growth

Currently, my grit is being tested and my world view is getting blind-sided with so many unforeseen and unexpected changes. Political decisions, election predictions, economic forecasts and public health emergencies.

Letter: A new climate friendly fire hall

Editor: This is an excellent opportunity for the Town to support climate action and set an example for citizens and developers.

Letter: Health Care cuts not acceptable

Editor: I am heartsick at the thought of having to choose between running a financially viable small business, or giving my patients the time that they need and deserve.

Letter: A doggone walk

Editor: When an unknown large dog, or any animal, comes at you unexpectedly it can spoil your day. As a dog owner, please do not assume everyone welcomes your dog's attention
Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon