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Lodge money well spent

With much talk of millions or billions of dollars being tossed around in relation to recuperating from June flooding in Alberta, the announcement of $8.46 million for Bow River Lodge in Canmore is welcome news.

Election time an interesting time

Each time an election rolls around here in the valley, the Outlook urges citizens to get out there, take in a candidates’ forum or two, read campaign literature, discuss issues near to your heart when hopefuls knock on your door and, finally, make an

Right move made in approving mitigation

While municipalites aren’t in the business of throwing money around as their provincial and federal political counterparts are willing to do, Canmore’s council made the right call in spending $1.

Secrecy has no place in disaster relief plan

Third party private contractors are not a new phenomenon for government agencies to hire in order to perform work or provide services in our day and age. Canmore, for example, hires companies to plow its roads and provide photo radar.

Development not the only election issue

There was a time in Canmore when the term “development” was a dirty word, spoken with disdain and steadfastly pooh-poohed by those opposed to the idea of building any more homes in the community.

Delegation issue needs council input

Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen and Councillor Leslie Taylor hit the nail on the head last week when it comes to how the public approaches council for a say in matters being dealt with.

What is wrong with health care?

Anyone still smarting over the chopping of $600,000 by Covenant Health to the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital’s St.

Bear death such a waste

It’s almost hard to believe, almost, that yet another bear has had to be put down because careless campers left food out in the Mt. Kidd RV Park in Kananaskis Country last weekend.

Summer brings berry season

You know that delicious berry jam you just can’t get enough of? The kind you lovingly slather on your favourite toasted bread? Well, picture yourself as a bear being prodded by Mother Nature to eat up, bulk up and prepare for the coming winter months

Flood recovery will be a long haul

If there was any doubt that dealing with the June 2013 flood event will be a very long, involved process, events this week confirm that.