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Bears are back in the news

Bears, everywhere, beware, look out, look out. Bears, they don’t care who they scare, you better beware. The above lyrics from The Fastest Group Alive’s “The Bears” in 1966 could be a theme song for our valley at the moment.

Who are the real keepers of the town's vision?

We here at RMO share the concern of some on Canmore council with respect to the municipality’s Vision Keepers Group (see story on page 32).

Education in the Bow Valley

This past week was a good one as far as education in our valley goes. Not so much education as in our schools, but education in regard to both saving bears and the workings of municipal government.

Banff and Canmore to share winter games

Congratulations to the local Alberta Winter Games bid committee on its hard work in showcasing our Bow Valley communities and landing the 2014 event.

More driving, less distraction

With new distracted driving legislation taking effect today (Sept. 1), there is again a dispute over why government needs to step in and encroach into people’s lives.

Water, Water everywhere …

It’s true, there is water everywhere and in the Bow Valley we’re lucky to have it in abundance. But, as recent events have shown, water does need proper care and attention.

A tip of our hat

This week, we feel compelled to tip our hat to the provincial and federal safety specialists and pilots who put their own lives at risk to save those of others.

Let's have a study to study the study

Studies, symposiums, task forces… what would we do without them in the Bow Valley? Rarely, it seems, can anything be accomplished without throwing time and money at some form of study when something needs to be done.

Difficult to measure damage to rivers

Disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the earthquake-caused nuclear leak event in Japan always seem far, far away when they make world-wide headlines.

National park no place for laissez-faire attitude

We hate to be the bubble-bursting barons of the obvious but when it comes to Banff’s struggle with regulating franchises or souvenir shops it is much more complicated than an argument about free market economics.