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Please, please, say it isn't so

Social media as a scientific data gathering tool? Seriously? Is this what budget cuts have reduced Parks Canada to? Has a once-proud organization which prided itself on solid science as a means of managing ecosystems within national parks across this

All business should kick into tourism levy

Tourism – it’s what this Valley is all about.

Time for a photo radar re-think?

Photo radar… is it working effectively, as some statistics would suggest, or are people merely becoming accustomed to the locations and vehicles used by the contractor that is cashing in from leadfoot Canmore drivers – and slowing down at, or avoidin

Proper planning needed for events

Nothing succeeds like success, they say. By that definition, recent large-scale special events in Banff National Park could be viewed as successful in that they’ve attracted large numbers of tourists/participants; thousands of them.

Housecleaning in the valley

This week was a good week for some housecleaning-type issues here in the valley.

Hopping happenings in Banff town

It’s been a week when things were hopping, literally and figuratively, in Banff. Of particular note is the fact that feral rabbits have been seen hopping around, sparking concerns that a Canmore, Kelowna or Victoria-like “bunny issue” is at hand.

Is education the wildlife answer?

The fact that yet another bear has been destroyed by wildlife managers seems to illustrate that there is a real disconnect for visitors to our valley when it comes to understanding the wildlife we share our space with.

Please treat our valley with respect

Have you seen the bumper sticker some Bow Valley vehicles sport threatening that its driver will, ‘come to your town and drive like you?’ Judging by the driving habits of visitors to our valley, if Bow Valley residents actually took up that cause and

Kudos to Banff for helping out

Can you imagine packing up your belongings and moving to a different country? For good? Leaving your family behind in the hope of creating a better life for them all at some point? Throughout the history of Canada, of course, it’s a story that’s play

Saving $8,000 a drop in the bucket

Kudos to volunteers in Field who have stepped up in an effort to keep groomed cross-country ski trails in the Yoho area open to the public.