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EDITORIAL: Passenger rail service an opportunity worth considering

While the announcement of the agreement between the province and the bank is a big step forward for this project, there are still a lot of unknowns we should all be looking for answers to before we anybody can call out "all aboard" yet.  
Editorial Cartoon, June 4, 2020

Editorial Cartoon, June 4, 2020

Editorial: We must fight back against racism in Alberta

Commentary: Grateful for grassroots leadership being shown every day

My story is not uncommon. People who have been working for too many years at too high a gear often become ill, sometimes with life-threatening consequences, when they stop working in an over-busy workplace.

Opinion: An ode to my parents

Dad’s vision was rooted in supporting his wife and our community. My mother, Tina Fox, was a band councillor whose work was primarily in health and wellness. As chairperson at Stoney Medicine Lodge, she and her committee wanted equine therapy to be part of the treatment program. As her husband, Dad worked to make that a reality.
Editorial Cartoon May 28, 2020

Editorial Cartoon May 28, 2020

Editorial: Tourism Week requires more thought this year

One way the community can support that is by engaging in the discussions of what tourism should look like post-COVID-19. We have an opportunity as a valley to be innovators and leaders in this multi-billion dollar global industry. 

Column: Reimagining work – we can do better

As we relaunch, we have a chance to put this right. We have a chance to reimagine what work looks like in the Bow Valley and build something better.
Editorial Cartoon May 21, 2020

Editorial Cartoon May 21, 2020

Editorial: Valley visitation for 2020 should be restricted to Albertans only

If Canada starts to let American visitors across the border this summer, they must support communities like Canmore and Banff with the ability to enforce quarantine rules to prevent new cases of COVID-19 from being brought into our towns and spread around through tourism