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Vox Populi

Tree problem ongoing in Banff

Editor: Re: “Town Replacing Avenue Trees”, RMO, June 16. a/ Councillor Taylor is quoted as stating that she “wanted to throttle” the fellow who jumped into a planter and chained his bike to a birch tree.

Town should seek other bunny solutions

Editor and fellow Canmore bunny activists: I was shocked to read the 'Canmore to cull bunnies' article in the Rocky Mountain Outlook last week and I am deeply saddened to hear the Town of Canmore was even considering euthanizing our sweet little bunn

Thanks to Good Samaritan

Editor: There are angels among us.

Working toward off-leash area in Banff

Editor: Re: Good reason for dogs to be leashed. It is apparent that Jason Rogers is quite emotional about the issue of dogs off-leash in Banff, and it is unfortunate that he is unable to reply to our letter in a civil manner without being insulting.

Put composting at forefront of waste study

Editor: Canmore has okayed a study ‘to investigate options and alternatives for locally managing both municipal solid waste and biosolids’.

Good reasons for dogs to be leashed

Editor: The recent letter by Greg Killin and Josee Richard illustrates the ignorance about wildlife and ecology and the contempt for fellow citizens that I find to be typical of leash-law offenders.

Speed penalties must be severe

Editor: In his May 26 letter Parks, police responsible for grizzly death Mr. Pissot makes a great point about speeding within Banff National Park, but fails to convince me with assertions and claims made.

Waiting for CRPS budget explanation

Editor: Who does the accounting for CRPS? How do you not know that you don’t have a reserve fund? The explanation given to the Outlook by Callaghan does not logically make sense.

Goodbye Edward

Editor: Edward van Vliet recently resigned from the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre. Edward has been the face of the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre for most of the last five years and has worked hard to get the museum a professional look.

Concerns with school planning

Editor: I am the father of children who attend school in Canadian Rockies Public Schools at both LGMS and Canmore Collegiate.