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Vox Populi

Dog problem at Spray

Editor: Spray Village is home for me and every day I have the privilege of taking advantage of unbelievably beautiful runs to work and to train, bear spray in hand.

Spring Creek bridge

Editor: As one of the many grateful users of the new bridge across Spring Creek, I feel obligated to offer a response to last week’s correspondent who expressed her dismay and questioned the motives and environmental ethics of the bridge’s builder.

Parents poor models

Editor: Thank you, Canmore, for putting on another great Canada Day parade. This is the sixth year that I have attended the parade and my family and I enjoy it each year. The floats were wonderful, the crowds jovial and the organization great.

Bike etiquette

Editor: As a part-time resident of Canmore, I am perplexed about bicycle etiquette here. I cannot tell you how many times I have been startled or almost run over by a cyclist while walking on sidewalks and trails around town.

Rabbit solution

Editor: The bunny loving ladies who wrote to you earlier will be pleased to find that I have a solution to their concerns that should please everyone – anti- and pro-rabbit alike.

Track safety

Editor: It is Thursday, June 23, 8:30 a.m. and I am driving back from the Cougar Creek dog walk. I cross the train tracks at the Spring Creek entrance and, looking both ways as I normally do, see three tweens...

Beam the bunnies out, captain

Editor: Last week’s letters regarding the Bunny Problem were long on angst, but short on practical solutions. Hence: 1. The Friday the 13th solution. Messy, but Jason works for free. 2. The Trouble with Tribbles.

In support of a rabbit cull

Editor: Regarding the town’s decision to get rid of the rabbit infestation, I wanted to bring an alternative perspective to this problem.

Skiing publicity stunt

Editor: There has been much rumour and speculation in the Bow Valley over the past few months about the prospect of Sunshine Village reopening on Canada Day.

Please make room for our bunnies

Editor: Why did we choose to live in Canmore? Living here is a choice. Canmore offers the ultimate paradise for people who love nature, outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle. I once heard Canmore referred to as the ‘Fountain of Youth’.