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Vox Populi

Valley Students exceed provincial average

Editor: Dear school council chairs, parents, principals and staff: Over the past few weeks I have been reviewing your respective schools’ Three Year Education Plans and our school district’s Accountability Pillar Survey as conducted by Alberta Educat

Say 'no' to Saturday markets in Canmore

Editor: Retailers are already suffering. Say ‘No’ to the farmer’s market on Saturdays. I’m writing to express my concern about Tourism Canmore’s proposal to extend the Thursday market to include Saturday.

PC vote on Jan. 28

Editor: On Jan. 28, the Alberta PC party will hold a vote that will determine who will replace MLA Janis Tarchuk as the PC representative in our constituency of Banff-Cochrane for the next provincial election.

New plan for Parks dollars

Editor: The Jan.

In support of rabbit program

Editor: Now that the feral rabbit removal program appears to be finally getting under way, I would like to voice my support for the way Canmore town council and Town administration have handled this initiative.

Perfect rabbit solution

Canmore Editor: At last, the perfect solution to Canmore’s rabbit problem.

'Tisn't the spirit

Editor: To the person who dumped their Christmas tree right after Christmas near the path running alongside Cougar Creek (about halfway between the footbridge and the highway on the Calgary side of the creek) – who do you think is going to pick it up

Feral rabbits a hazard

Editor: I’m long overdue in writing you. I am a resident of Canmore and am getting pretty tired of the ‘poor little bunnies’ coverage that we have been seeing so much of on the news.

Cigarettes butts are garbage

Editor: Sixty-seven. An ashtray in a car can hold 67 cigarette butts. How do I know? Someone dumped an ashtray right where they parked their car and when I parked in the same spot and opened my door I was ‘invited’ by their presence to step on them.

Development like a bad movie

Editor: Are you finding that development proposals in our national parks play like a bad movie? If so, you may enjoy the farce of an Arizona-based entertainment company proposing construction of a ‘Glacier Discovery Walk’ so that Canadians can pay $1