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Vox Populi

Bear deaths, rescues not so alarming

Editor: Should it really be such a surprise that we are above the average annual mortality rate for human-caused black bear deaths? And is it any wonder that our mountain rescue service is seeing a spike in incidents? Consider the millions of dollars

Thanks to Brian Callaghan

Editor: As I pack up my things and go out to experience a few things in the world, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how fortunate I feel to have such a sturdy foundation beneath my feet; 17 years of support from this extraordinary community I

Slow down, save wildlife

Editor: I was the first person to arrive at that heart wrenching scene on Aug. 8 where two tiny black bear cubs were struck by a hit-and-run driver on Highway 40 in Kananaskis.

Band council, chiefs priorities skewed

Editor: On Aug. 14, an important member of the Bighorn First Nation Reserve passed away. Helen Wesley was 68 years of age, and will be remembered as the Mother of Bighorn.

Trail etiquette needed

Editor: I have ridden the Legacy Trail a dozen times this summer. I have felt relatively safe most times that I have ridden the trail. Most users stay to the right of the trail as they would if they were driving a vehicle on the road.

Highway bear deaths avoidable

Editor: Another long weekend has come and gone and most of us who used Alberta’s highways arrived safe and sound at home.

Thank you Canmore

Editor: Another Canmore Folk Music Festival has come and gone. By all accounts it was a huge success. Thank you to all our volunteers, our sponsors, the Town of Canmore and the people of Canmore.

Bridge is discriminatory

Editor: People living with disabilities are being discriminated against by the Town of Banff regarding the location and access for the proposed sewer bridge.

Legacy Trail ends with dangerous transition

Dear Editor, On Aug. 3 at 3:15 p.m. I was driving from Banff to Canmore and had just passed the Park gates. I was driving cautiously because there were cyclists ahead of me on the shoulder and sometimes people do strange things.

Other solutions to wildlife feeding

Editor: If I was hungry, or maybe even just curious… when you came into MY HOME, where I sleep, where I eat, where my family was raised – and to my home you brought a delicious smelling pot roast, and a scrumptious looking chocolate cake (I love choc